3 Zodiac Signs Feel Unloved May 1, 2023, During Moon Square Venus

So sad.

3 Zodiac Signs Feel Unloved May 1, 2023, Moon Square Venus arisara_tongdonnoi from getty images signature via Canva pro

On May 1, 2023 three zodiac signs feel unloved, and it's due to Moon square Venus.We all want May 1, 2023, to be a good day, not just because it's nice to have good days and who wants anything but that, but because May starts off the 'good vibe' months, and we all want today to go well. 

Our minds can make anything feel good, but who's got that kind of mind control? If perception is everything (and it is), then we should be able to make every day a good one, and yet, we can't whip that into shape. That is why the cosmic transits tend to get in our way; we want the best for our lives, and yet, we are still subject to the whims of nature, and the universe is nature, for sure. What we have in the sky today is the transit of Moon square Venus, and while that isn't necessarily a 'bad' transit, it's the kind of event that will have us thinking about our love lives ... maybe a little too hard.


Once we start that machine up, it might be hard to stop it, and that means that if we are even feeling the slightest bit of doubt as to who loves us — or not, then today, May 1, is going to exacerbate that feeling. Moon square Venus is one of those 'think too hard about love' transits; we may feel very blue, especially if we are one of the astrological signs that react the worst to this transit.

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Walking into May, we want to know everything works out in our worlds. We want to know that this is the month that we can trust in love and that nothing can stop us. We want to be in love and hear sweet words of love coming from the person we want to love us ... and that's where Moon square Venus kind of blows it all to smithereens. Today, three zodiac signs will feel unloved. Are we asking too much? Is it unrealistic to want to be loved, or are we just experiencing a temporary feeling of self? Which zodiac signs will feel unloved on May 1, 2023?

Three zodiac signs feel unloved on May 1, 2023:

1. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Maybe one of the more realistic questions you must ask yourself today is, 'Do you ever really feel loved?' You tend to suffer from self-pity, which doesn't necessarily mean you're self-indulgent when putting yourself down. It does tell that during transits like Moon square Venus, you tend to wash off the idea that anyone loves you; you feel you are respected and admired but never really loved.

On May 1, this feeling will be particularly strong and may make you feel very bad about how your romances have ended over the last few years. What you need to avoid during this time is kicking yourself in the head by thinking that you are unworthy of love. You're just as worthy as the next person and a little hyper-sensitive today. It's OK. It will pass.


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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Feeling unloved is par for the course where you are concerned, Capricorn. You may be one of the most capable and successful people you know, but you will never quite gel with the idea that you are worthy of love. Your life experience has shown you that you can be betrayed and insulted. You've taken so much from past lovers that you've started to create an image of yourself in your mind of one who is a doormat.

During Moon square Venus on May 1, you'll feel especially vulnerable and somewhat confused. Why are you the person who wasn't chosen for great love, and how did the fates seemingly pass you by? These will be the thoughts that plague this day. You deserve love, friend. Don't let this get you down.


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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Rarely do you like to look too closely at yourself or your life for fear that you may see a truth that will shock and depress you. You have lived much of your life in a bubble where you are the only one who gets to pass judgment on yourself. You've closed yourself off to people, and in romantic relationships, you rely more on fantasy than reality, which is one of the reasons your love affairs tend to end on a sad note.

During Moon square Venus, on May 1, you will open that door and take a deep look at yourself, and you will find that you are a scared child who is more fearful of rejection than anything else, so you keep yourself in the corner. You feel unloved today because you dared to look at yourself. Perhaps it's time to come out of that closet and into the light so that someone CAN love you, Aquarius.


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