4 Zodiac Signs Exes Come Back During Mercury Retrograde April 21 - May 14, 2023

The dreaded Mercury retrograde is back! And this time, it's in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

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Four zodiac signs' exes come back during Mercury retrograde. So for the next three weeks, from April 21 – May 14, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio need to prepare to have their love life tossed around by broken communication, missed appointments, lengthy backlogs, and a few annoying exes, making a comeback.

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Of course, each zodiac sign will experience Mercury retrograde somewhat differently. And there are also those lucky ones who won't face any challenges. But for these four zodiac signs, Mercury retrograde is bringing some exes back into their lives, and depending on who's coming back, they may end up liking it  — or hating it with their guts.


Zodiac signs whose exes come back during Mercury retrograde April 21 - May 14, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Mercury retrograde will not bring a direct ex back into Gemini's life over the next few weeks. But it's still on this list because Venus is transiting through Gemini. And in the middle of the retrograde, the transiting Moon will conjunct Venus for a while, thus bringing an “ex” from a past life back into Gemini's current life. (The spooky factor just got real!)

Of course, this connection is in the semi-sextile shadow of the retrograde Mercury. Therefore, whoever comes into Gemini's life has unfinished business with them, and history will repeat itself without the two realizing it until they can sort it out. For some, this ex-lover was abandoned in favor of the wife/husband. Or vice versa.

Someone else will make a comeback, too, for you, Gemini. But this person does not constitute an ex since they never had a relationship with Gemini. They just had a crush on Gemini from afar. For a select few, this person stalked you on social media before taking it offline. But they made sure their creepy behavior was hidden.


This person may still choose not to contact you or make their presence known, but they will hover over you. For some, you remind this person of their mother or an ex who refuses to speak to them.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

An ex will pop back into Virgo's life transiting Moon will travel through Virgo at the end of April, forming an opposition aspect with Saturn in Pisces and a trine aspect with Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Since the Sun in Taurus will be directly conjunct retrograde Mercury at this time, someone will suddenly text or respond to someone they either blocked or ghosted a while back. It might be Virgo who texts first or the other person. But the Saturn opposite Moon will make this contact unwanted for the receiver.


There's a high possibility that the masculine individual in this pair will be the one who reaches out. But interestingly, they will revert to their usual behavior after one or two days of pleasantries. And then, the feminine person will find themselves chasing after this person for responses once again or feeling like they are not being heard.

Despite the messiness, because Ceres is currently transiting through Virgo, there's a possibility of reconciliation between the exes. But it will be short-lived because of the same problems as before, which most likely was the non-committal behavior of one party.

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3. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


This April-May Mercury retrograde is going to be extremely action-packed for Taurus. First, the transiting Sun in Taurus is on a direct collision course with the retrograde Mercury. Secondly, Uranus is conjunct with Mercury in the initial days of the retrograde. And thirdly, North Node is also in Taurus during this time. This (and a few more aspects) will bring an ex back into Taurus's life during this Mercury retrograde.

Like Gemini, for some of you, this “ex” will be a new person with whom you have a past life connection. But unlike Gemini, you were destined to meet this person to go further in life. For some, this “ex” is not a romantic connection and will not stay in your life for too long. But you might feel a strong pull toward them, which some of you will confuse for sexual attraction. For a select few, this person will be a Tinder match (or something similar) with whom you have a short dalliance before they introduce you to someone in their professional circle and move on.

There will be a short irritation with a real ex near the end of the Mercury retrograde period. You may have blocked this person, and you'll find out they are trying to contact you through mutual connections. Be careful! With Uranus and Pluto forming strong aspects close by, this obsessive behavior could easily become call-the-cops problematic.

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4. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio is in for a weird time during this Mercury retrograde. The transiting Moon will pass through Scorpio in the first week of May. And during this period, the Moon is opposite retrograde Mercury, Vesta, Sun and Uranus. Those of you embroiled in a divorce battle with an ex will experience turmoil. Or, you may find yourself butting heads with an ex and their family over child support and other allegations within the social circuit.

It's important to note that one partner/ex is definitely being ganged up on by the other party and their social connections/family. But the bullies still think they are right and the other person is wrong. Some of you need to be careful, though. With Saturn in Pisces forming a trine with the Scorpio Moon during this time, the bullied person may get lured by another person in the ex's family into a sexual relationship with them even though this person is supposed to be more of an authority/father/mother figure. But if you are in a tense divorce battle, Saturn represents your lawyer and is safe.


The judge's ruling is nearing for those in a custody battle with their ex. But it won't happen during the retrograde period. Although, given the kind of aspects on the table, the judge may give joint custody to both parents because of their personal old-fashioned beliefs.

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