3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On April 22, 2023

Today won't be easy.

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Today, April 22, 2023, is Day Two of the Mercury retrograde, and that means rough horoscopes for three zodiac signs. We're already in the thick of it. Well, at least some of us are, and that probably refers to the Sun sign under which we were born. We've got a Gemini Moon to let us know that the only thing that could possibly go wrong today is ... everything and that our best bet would be to stay quiet, with our mouths shut. Is that going to happen? Of course not. It wouldn't be a proper retrograde if we could guarantee anything, let alone what will or will not leave our lips. Get ready, signs, because even though today is survivable, it may leave a dent.


Honestly, it's hard to get along with just about everybody today, no matter what sign you are. If you are somehow able to exempt yourself, then good for you, but the truth is, most people will get caught up in the entire drama that comes along with this particular retrograde.

While the light will shine down hardest on signs like Aries, Leo and Scorpio, we'll all get a taste of what it's like to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. Will this wrongness take place at home ... or at work? Ah, there's the million-dollar question right there.



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One thing we can all expect to share on this day is a certain degree of moodiness. It's as if we all feel on edge and can't put a finger on a reason as to why we feel this way. We will snap and deliver insults as if that's the best option, and we will instantly regret half of the actions we take on this day, April 22, 2023. Let's now check in with the mob of astrological signs who will not experience 'the best of times.'

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on April 22, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Being that you are fiery and impulsive, you may end up doing more damage today than you ever intended to do, all because you can't keep your thoughts to yourself. You feel as though the world is there to listen to you, and why shouldn't you be able to voice your opinion, after all ... it is yours, right? That's where you incorporate your romantic partner; you feel frustrated with the world and who better to tell your tales of woe to, if not this partner of yours?

What goes wrong is that your partner is really not up for it today, because they have something on their plate and they can't be totally present or attentive to you. That's what angers you! You aren't fond of delayed actions and you aren't ready to wait for your partner to come around so that they can finally pay attention to you. You will trample them, emotionally, because you don't have the patience to wait for them to do their own healing.


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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Today is not your best day, and not your best moves either, Leo. Because of a small misunderstanding, you will blow your fuse so big time that people in your world will think of you as a loose cannon; someone who can't be controlled. You will take all words of advice as threats and it will almost feel like you're going out of your way to misunderstand everyone, including your best friends and romantic partner. It's as if you don't want to get along with anyone today, April 22, and instead of owning that, you make it everybody else's fault.

Today is all about blaming 'them' for being wrong, not here, too this, too that ... you are all complaints and grievances and you will end up turning so many people off that they may not want to help you in the future. It's all about 'the boy who cried wolf' today. That's what happens when you complain too much.


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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Between the Mercury retrograde and the Gemini Moon, today, April 22, 2023, is going to have you tearing your hair out by noon. You are looking at full-on communication breakdowns. You are a very sensitive person and you take things very seriously, but today's transits will have you taking things a little too seriously, and this can lead to arguments with your partner or severe disagreements with family members.


You may also get a taste of paranoia or suspicion, and for what reason, you still don't know. But when you do feel suspicious, your tendency is to accuse and point fingers. You do not spare your opinion during the Gemini Moon, and you trust very little. You may end up accusing your romantic partner of being unfaithful today, simply because you create a fantasy in your head that they're up to something no good. That one is all in your mind, Scorpio. Don't take this so far that you can't return.

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