3 Zodiac Signs Will Be In A 'Bad Mood' Thanks To Their March 22, 2023 Horoscopes

There's nothing worse than having a rough day.

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It's a tough day out there in astrology land, and three zodiac signs not only have rough horoscopes, but their moods will take a hit, too. While it's not exactly a day dedicated to Murphy's law (if something can go wrong, it will), there will be a few potholes to avoid on this day, March 22, 2023, and this is because we are now in the fire of Aries, and with today's transit being the Moon in Aries, it's like a double whammy of irrational moves, hardboiled ego trips, and about as many impulsive and wrong decisions we can make. In other words, if you can avoid getting involved, follow that line of thinking, as anything else is bound for disaster.


During the Aries Moon, we, who are already tightly wound and scrapping for a fight, will find our sparring partners — whether they sign up for the deal or not. We are looking to be right, to force our opinion on someone, and to make them submit; we want to hurt people, and we will do it with words today, March 22, 2023.

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Here's where it takes a turn for the worse. Three zodiac signs will completely believe they will win this fight because they think of themselves as either superior in all ways or simply smarter than anyone else on the planet. And with the biting sting of insults and below-the-belt verbal punching, these zodiac signs will not only prove that they are the slimiest of friends but that they are the sorest of losers...because that's the kicker with today; the karma is instant and the big reveal only shows that the perpetrator is an idiot.


The three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on March 22, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Oh, you never have and never will turn down an opportunity to show someone that you are right, and you certainly don't mind reading them the riot act while you're there. During the Aries Moon on March 22, 2023, you'll feel like your hormones are raging, and your temper is flaring; you are seeing red at every turn, and the only way you can truly feel the glory of this day is by sinking your teeth into whoever gets in your way. In fact, they don't even need to be in your way; you'll seek someone out because you are hungry for damage-doing and while the other person might be totally innocent of your methods, they will not see anything in you other than a mental case who cannot control themselves. So, you think you're being a righteous force of knowledge, while all you come off as is a narcissistic bully who has very little self-control.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


What prompts you into action today is an old memory that will swiftly put you on the defense. Today is odd for you, Gemini because during the Aries Moon, you'll be mostly reacting to this old memory, as opposed to what's going on in your world in the now moment. With the ammunition of this memory to help you justify what you'll be doing, you will run through the list of your friends, and you will systematically pick them apart. Many of your friends know this about you already and back away when you get into one of your moods. Today's mood, however, is so caustic and unruly that you may end up either losing friends or having one of those friends confront you in such a way that you may even be scared off. If you dish it out, prepare to have it come back to you. Karma, baby. Karma.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

"Oh hell no." That's your mantra for the day, as the Aries Moon influences how you interact with people. Much like Gemini's take on the Aries Moon, you, too, will have had enough due to the accumulation of memories, except in your case, the memories are all recent. You spot these work-related problematic people coming from miles away, and you know what's coming out of their mouths. If even one of these trash-bag co-workers of yours dares to show you disrespect, then you will incorporate all of the warlike traits that come along with Aries season, and you will pounce. Not in the mood doesn't even slightly describe how you feel about being taken advantage of at work, and today is the day you will blow like Vesuvius. Hope they enjoy lava.


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