The March 15, 2023 Horoscopes Feel Peaceful To 3 Zodiac Signs

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peaceful horoscopes on march 15, 2023 3 zodiac signs

Even though it might seem that there are miles to go before you find peace, the energy today calls you to look within, to feel into your heart and trust what you intuitively know. The Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces square are still building and will remain in effect for today and tomorrow before finally separating. 

This creates an undercurrent of electricity as you feel empowered to follow your passions at any cost necessary. The realization has begun to bloom that there is a reason you must be persistent for your most fantastical dream as it is always the process of the test preceding the reward. But, unlike yesterday, there are some other major factors that add an interesting level of both peace and intensity to the day. 

While Mars is squaring off with Neptune in Pisces, creating an impassioned drive for your deepest desires, it also begins squaring off with Sun in Pisces today. Mars square Sun is the impediment of restriction. You cannot move ahead, feel trapped, limited and unable to take the action you desire or at least you have felt that way up until now. Because, of course, a square can limit you or, finally, provide the motivation to break through it. Given the recent change in the astrological weather and the divine auspiciousness filtering through all timelines right now – you are a sure thing. It is safe to bet on yourself. 



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To believe that this time might be the chance to make everything right, that even if it has never worked out before or you have been taken back ten paces — it may all have been to lead you to this moment. While Mars is busy squaring off with Sun and Neptune in Pisces, all at the twenty-fifth degree denoting action, leadership and success, Neptune and Sun unite as one strong, powerful current of energy.  

Neptune represents the utopian perspective of life, so much so that it can sometimes become its detriment. However, there is no manifesting your deepest dreams without the blind faith that this planet can represent. In all things, Neptune is unconditional; love, forgiveness, and even trust. The invisible fuel helps you believe in yourself, in life and even in others. As it unites with the Sun today, it creates a powerful portal of energy strengthened and grounded by Saturn in Pisces. The Sun and Neptune alone bring some disillusionment or loss of hope often as you find out your hope was only a mirage. Still, as Saturn comes to dance within Pisces, it adds a sense of reality and seriousness that this water sign can often lack. 

It grounds your dreams and yourself so that you can feel confident in trusting your intuition above the words or opinions of all others.  

What is interesting is that while Sun and Neptune can bring the disillusionment that often crushes hope, the influence of Saturn helps you to see what and who is real versus what is not, which strengthens your power to rise with the intensity of Mars because it is not only about closing your eyes and seeing with your heart but also never giving up on what your heart really wants.  

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Three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on March 15, 2023: 

1. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

With Sun and Neptune creating a powerful force of energy, you are seeing just the beginning of what Saturn will be helping you to achieve over the next few years. Saturn in Pisces is all about helping you to work to create and manifest your dreams. No more daydreaming or wishful thinking; instead, it is about making it all a reality. As this energy collides with Mars in Gemini, it creates a point of friction that creates just enough electricity to help you power through the current limitation. This might be more internal as Gemini reigns over your healing, home, and family. The biggest obstacle to you embracing and enjoying what you are working towards is your fear that it will be lost or that somehow it will take from you. You carry heartbreak in a deep pocket within your soul, as while feeling everything so deeply makes you who you are, this time, it keeps you from seeing just how much hope and love exists around you.  

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2. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

You must choose the life that lives wild in your soul. It does not matter if you are doing what others want you to or how long it takes you to realize what you fully desire. What matters, though, is how at peace you are with your decisions. Mars has been in your sign since August of 2022, which has been about reflecting on how you act regarding your wants, needs and beliefs. Hopefully, in the process, you have reshaped your process to work for your highest good instead of against it. Today’s shift will create a divine test from the universe to see if you have learned what you were meant to during this time and chosen differently than you did or would have last year’s end. Part of this lesson is because of Saturn now in Pisces, which is making sure that you are choosing your passion and authentic path over anything else but in a way that honors the process instead of rushing to the results. Lean into your inner truth today, and remember this is where your greatest power will always reside.  

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3. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

This powerful Pisces surge will wash through your romantic sector today, helping you to see the truth about your relationship and even some other extenuating factors. Many times, when Sun and Neptune meet, helping to find greater hope, it also helps to reveal the true colors of people. This may not necessarily be your romantic partner but could be someone that has not been transparent with their real feelings or intentions towards you. While this may provide some work for you, this transit is also increasing your intuition enough so that you can feel more confident in trusting it explicitly. Today’s connection between Pisces and Gemini energy creates a point of action or crisis between your romantic life and your professional one helping you to trust your intuition in knowing what is worth putting the work into achieving and what is not. Whether it comes to love or a career, it should never be about choosing one or the other, but finding the balance so both can flourish.  

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