The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Madly In Love During Venus In Aries Starting February 20, 2023

Head over heels.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Madly In Love During Venus In Aries Starting February 20, 2023 BARBARA RIBEIRO from Pexels via Canva/Artulina, wildpexel and buradaki from Getty Images all via Canva Pro

If you know anything at all about astrology, just the sound of the words 'Venus in Aries' should immediately bring up visions of mad, passionate love and over the top displays of affection.

If you see this transit this way, then you'd be completely correct in your assumptions of what it can do to us mere mortals down here on Earth. Today is most definitely the day that someone, possibly many people will fall madly in love.


It's hard to escape the magic spell that is Venus in Aries, so hang on to your heads, folks, because today, February 20, 2023, is going to give you whiplash.

Let's broaden the thinking here a bit, while we're at it. Falling madly in love doesn't always mean reciprocation, nor does it mean we fall in love with people we KNOW. Yes, that's right, we are opening up the gates to this love and who knows what's going to come a-knockin'.

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We may fall in love with a celebrity, or a neighbor. We may fall in love with our partner all over again, or we may fall madly in love with someone who exists only in our fantasy.




That's the crazy thing about being human; we have no limits, and during Venus in Aries, we feel very strongly about the love we choose to share.

Say for instance, one of the three signs that is most susceptible to the influence of Venus in Aries actually does fall in love with a celeb or famous person.

Are we to condemn them for their unrealistic approach to love? That's the whole point of Venus in Aries; it's about love, not expectations.


We will do what WE want to do, and if falling in love with an impossible dream is what we end up going for, then who could possibly stop us? No one. Commander Aries says, "Do what you have to do!"

The three zodiac signs who fall madly in love during Venus in Aries starting February 20, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

When you fall in love, it's always madly. In fact, you don't remember a single day in your life's history when the love you initially felt for someone didn't register as '11' on a scale from one to ten. You are obsessive and driven, and with Venus in Aries hitting you hard with the love stick on this day, February 20, 2023, you'll not only be surprised that you have this 'mad love' feeling once again, you'll jump at the chance to claim it and make it your own.

You love being in love; it's feeds you power, and your second great love has always been power, Aries. It's almost Spring and you feel the need for change; you want to flow with the seasons and be a part of the life that's been given to you, and love, or rather, falling madly in love, is just the stuff to recharge your batteries. Not to mention that good feeling, the adrenaline rush of it all. You just LOVE it.


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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You've been needing a burst of energy for a while now, and little did you know that this burst would come in the form of a person entering your life. Wow kazowie, does this new person spin your head around, and holy moly are you going to react.

You won't be able to help it, not with Venus in Aries as the General in command of your mind, today. You will literally (well, figuratively, really) fall madly in love with this one person for what feels like no reason at all.

They are just there and the vibe says, "YES." Maybe it's just a quick infatuation and will take you nowhere in the long run, but who cares? Your heart says boom-boom-boom and you are not about to deny yourself the thrill of the chase. You will go for it; let the cards fall where they may. Following your heart is exactly as Venus in Aries would have it.


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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Just because you have intense fantasies about a certain television star should cancel out the idea that you may just be in love with them. That's right. You are smitten beyond the beyond with a celebrity, and while you know you'll never meet them and 'make it real,' the idea of making it real never crossed your mind. You are in it for the fantasy, and you adore the idea that you never have to actually be a in relationship with them.


They are perfect for you in this way as they don't interfere in your real life. During Venus in Aries, you admit to yourself that you are perfectly content to love a person who only exists as a character in a television show, and being that you already know nobody takes you seriously in this regard, you don't need to share 'the details' of this mad love with anyone. You keep this to yourself, and it makes you feel better than any 'real' person ever could. Interesting, eh?

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