The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Better Off Single During The New Moon In Pisces On February 20, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Better Off Single During The New Moon In Pisces on February 20, 2023

We forgive, we forget and we move on. It's time to welcome in the new moon in Pisces, and for certain zodiac signs, this is actually a big event.

Today marks the beginning of true healing; we've finally gotten to the place where we see the future as free and clear of the chains of the past. What happened to us happened, and cannot be undone, and it is the new moon in Pisces that signs the bells that signifies the process of change.

Whatever forgiveness means to a person, it should definitely result in basically the same outcome: freedom. Today, February 20, 2023 is about how we set ourselves free, and how we maintain that freedom for the rest of our lives.

When we say 'free' we refer specifically to one's heart. And during the new moon in Pisces, our hearts dictate where our bodies will go, and as of right now, our bodies are ours; we choose not to share them with others.



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And with this realization, we know that, at this point in time, we are better off NOT being in a relationship. The single life offers us so much more in terms of healing, and that is what it's all about during Pisces season, and during the new moon in Pisces.

Right now, we need our space; we don't want to involve others in our own personal drama, and we don't want anyone to interrupt our healing process. Three zodiac signs will recognize that as of today, we are better off on our own, single.

The three zodiac signs who are better off single during the New Moon in Pisces on February 20, 2023

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You feel as though you've been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders for far longer than you need to, and with this realization, you make a firm decision today: you will rest your weary head and you will give up the fight.

This means that you are now ready to forgive and let go. The burden of your past has officially become too much and during the new moon in Pisces, you will see this as something you can finally release. Right now, you need your space.

You need to pursue your own independence in so many ways, and one of those ways has to do with relationships. During the new moon in Pisces, you will come to know yourself as someone who is better off single. You do not feel you can bring your best to a relationship, and so you bow out of the game. You are doing the right thing. Take this time to heal, Gemini. More power to you.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

During the new moon in Pisces, you will find that all the work you've done to get to this place in time had meaning; you are processing the story of your own life, and as time goes on, you realize that this is a short life and that one must try as hard as they can to make it a good one. For you, you've spent an exorbitant amount of time of love relationships, and all you feel it's gotten you is pain, heartache, and a dull acceptance of a thing that you feel to be mediocre.

Sure, you've had love, but in your life, it's always ended up as something so lackluster that you can hardly stand it. You will be working to reclaim yourself today, as you come to understand that, right now, you need to be single. You no longer care about what is expected of you. In your world, time is fleeting, and you want what is yours, and what is yours is your peace of mind, your autonomy and your ability to be true to yourself as a single person.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

This is a time of great healing for you, Sagittarius, and in order to complete your mission, you need to be alone. We're not just talking about taking time off to sit in a dark closet, we mean...single, no partner, no romance. Thanks to the new moon in Pisces, you are in the process of starting a new romance...with yourself. You now see yourself as someone who does not deserve to suffer, and no matter where your suffering originated, you have finally chosen to let it go.

What lets you know that you need to be single at this point in your life is because you feel you don't want the distraction; it may be selfish, but you can't pay attention to another person's needs right now. You are the one who needs the healing, and as you walk into Pisces season, you feel healthier and stronger with every step. You may be single in the eyes of the world, but as of today, you are in a loving relationship with the only person who really matters: you.

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