The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On February 16, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On February 16, 2023

After a glowing past few days, today turns a bit more serious ahead of the New Moon in Pisces and Aries Stellium next week.  

Saturn is currently taking its last stand as it prepares to shift from Aquarius into Pisces, changing reign and representing both the ending and beginning of different cycles within your life.  

As this is gearing up to occur within the next couple of weeks every transit that involves Saturn is taking on more weight.  

During the month of February Saturn moves through the final degrees of Aquarius which means that many of the lessons, themes and even cycles that have been occurring within your own life since 2020 will reach fruition or even find their own point of release.

Saturn is known as the lord of time and karma. The planets are responsible for boundaries, divine timing, integrity and taking time to do things the right way because Saturn is always watching.  

Since mid-December 2020 when Saturn moved into Aquarius it has been helping you to break-free from the structures within your life that have restricted your growth and authenticity.  

Saturn has wanted you to learn new ways of seeing old situations and to be open to trying something new. 



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As it prepares to move from Aquarius into Pisces, where its focus will be to discover the hope to take a leap of faith, it is now bringing closure to many of the lessons that you have been encountering in your life since 2020.  

Today’s Saturn and the Sun unite in the last degrees of Aquarius, bringing a fated event that will impact your life path direction. The Sun governs action and what you choose to do in your external life. 

With the Sun and Saturn operating as one entity today there is some sort of choice you need to make. 

This decision will have to do with implementing what you have been learning about how the themes of restriction and freedom play out within your own life. 

It may challenge whether you feel ready to learn the lessons rather than continue the cycle of learning you have been on. 

The thing with Saturn, while it sometimes forces a hand, it does consider the necessity of free will especially when it comes to the important lessons that you need to learn to move into the next level of your life. So, today, it is all about you. 

Whether you will back away from a challenge, or instead will rise to the occasion. More than likely the last few days have served to inspire you with what is waiting for you on the other side of this transition, it is just that the universe does not believe in skipping steps.  

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While today may present as an obstacle, try to instead see it as a door. And that lesson that you have learned, truly is the key – all you must do is use it, to unlock that next chapter.  

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Thursday, February 16, 2023: 

1. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

Today is a big moment for you. Saturn has been moving through your zodiac sign for the past few years, bringing all sorts of lessons about your sense of self and how you see the world.

This can be impacted when you go through traumatic events and end up changing who you are.

As you have moved through the energy of the past few years, you have been challenged to let go, to receive and to allow yourself to create the life that you desire.

As Saturn wraps up its stay in Aquarius, you can see how you have come. Today is not about challenges or even trying to trip you up on the work you have already done. Instead, it is about acknowledging just how much is now different.

The Sun and Saturn always represent an obstacle or a challenge that needs to be overcome but for you it is more letting go of the fear that things can ever be like they were. This lets you build greater trust in the situation and most importantly, within yourself.  

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2. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

All this Aquarian energy is really shedding light on your romance zone today. This is the part of your life that Saturn has been moving through since 2020 which means that it is also likely an area that you have seen greater lessons or even felt restriction within.

Saturn does not mean to hold you back from what you want, but instead gives you time to make sure that it is also what is truly best for you.

As Saturn has moved through your love and romance sector, you have been able to understand more of the bigger lessons that have been at play as well as given the time to do some healing of your own and heart.

Now as Saturn is moving through the final degrees of Aquarius, it also means that it is moving through the final degrees of your own healing.

Look and notice how your perspective has shifted over the past few years when it comes to love and relationships. See how much more honest and authentic your feelings and viewpoint are and let yourself find the excitement for moving ahead.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

Saturn in Aquarius has been rocking your sector of healing, home, and family life for the past few years. The part of your life that is ruled by Aquarius governs childhood and ancestral healing, but it also has to do with your own family, committed relationship and home environment.

As Saturn is wrapping up its stay here, look for what has changed and is different since December 2020.

You should be able to see more of a healed optimistic energy within yourself and your life. There also likely is a new way of looking at things that has helped you to turn the corner in some major areas.

As you wrap up this important phase in the next few weeks, there should be clarity coming in involving your self-freedom and what has been really restricting you all along.

As you start to connect the dots and embrace the power within where you are now, you will start to see more opportunities for that new beginning head your way.  

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