The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships, February 13 - 19, 2023

Acknowledging reality will stop you from trusting an illusion.

The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships February 13 - 19, 2023 Taisiya Kozorez, Tatiana, and Maximusnd Zahar via Canva Pro

In the week ahead your own inner fight becomes intensified as asteroid Pallas turns direct in Cancer increasing your motivation for change.  

Asteroid Pallas is the ruler of both wisdom and of war, two themes that are not always associated with love and romance.  

Wisdom and knowing is often left out of love as many relationships instead depend on ignorance to be able to remain in connection. 

This is the avoidance of those issues or reality which then will automatically create change and of course war is not often just with a partner or spouse, but within yourself as well.  


Pallas in Cancer represents intuition, inner knowing, the feminine act of receiving and even home.  

As it turns direct, there seems to be no denying your own inner wisdom, which makes you realize some things are worth fighting for, with truth being one of them.  

This week invites you to see things as they truly are, to not trust in the fears or doubts which may cloud your heart and to embrace what is real. 

Because the best love will always be.  

Which four zodiac signs will fall out of love and end their relationships the week of February 13 - 19, 2023?

1. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 


The week ahead is one that you need to be weary of when it comes to your romantic relationships. In truth you are poised to receive everything it is that you have wanted, however, this week you could feel triggered by some past events which could lead you to self-sabotage. It is often confusing about whether an action is truly justified or if it is self-sabotage, but it comes down to fear. When you must act within your life to end a relationship or connection that you have outgrown is genuine action.

But when you feel like you must protect yourself because you are afraid of being hurt or left, if it is fear that is making you wonder if the relationship is turning into something you have experienced in the past, then you know it is self-sabotage. This week Pallas in Cancer turns direct activating themes around your health sector which means you might feel more defensive than normal.

At the same time the Sun returns to Pisces in your value arena making you genuinely realize who you value within your life all the while the stellium in Aries gathers strength. For you, this week it is not a case of there being problems in your relationships but of your projecting your fear which could cause great harm. You cannot ruin anything that is meant for you, but you can delay it, this week try your best to take space, acknowledge your fears and see things as they are.  

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2. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

You can be stubborn, but you do not necessarily like to argue, this week though it seems like tension will be high across the board. In your romance sector, Pallas just turned directly to Cancer highlighting what you have learned or know along with the desire to fight for what you know you deserve or that you want.

Pallas governs wisdom and war, two themes that unfortunately will dominate your romantic relationship in the week ahead. This new knowledge is about you having acquired new wisdom in terms of your relationship.

You are seeing it through a different lens or have learned more about what defines a healthy love for you. But your eyes are open and seeing something new and fresh this week. The thing is that it will not be well received by your partner. It will feel like you are breaking the rules or agreements that were in place and because of that you could end up feeling like you are fighting to be loved.


At the same time, the stellium in Aries is gaining strength in your home and family sector. Yes, there is a new beginning here, but there is also likely a great big explosion as well. Something always must end for something new to begin, and this week you may finally see that it is your relationship.  

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3. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 


You already know you have been on borrowed time within your relationship, but this week that gets stretched even further as you finally see that you cannot keep this going on forever. The challenges that you are experiencing in your relationship now are those that you first acknowledged to yourself last year. It is amazing how a year goes by so quickly even if it is not spent happily, but you also must admit even to yourself, that you cannot do another year.

You have the choice in what direction you take your life right now, and while there always is one it does not mean that both choices are equal. Since Jupiter has been dancing in and out of your sign since last year you have started to honor your own thoughts and desires more authentically. You are coming back to your truth and desires which is also making you realize that what you have been going through just is not working any more.

Next week the stellium in Aries peaks, which means that all that energy that has been bubbling beneath the surface is about to finally come out. You can make as many plans as you want, you can and should prepare yourself in any way you can but just do not deny the truth any longer because it is not going to stop change from coming this time around.  

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4. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

At some point, you must acknowledge that the reason you may not be able to make your mind up about a relationship is that it has been – you just may be hoping for a different answer. Mars, the planet that governs action and determination, first entered your sign at the end of August 2022.

Since then, it has turned retrograde and spent a good portion of the end of last year moving slowly enough to make you feel greater restriction within yourself and how you make decisions. As you have learned, there is a balance between being impulsive, which you often later regret, and still hoping that you will produce a different answer than you already have.

Since Mars turned direct in Gemini mid-January you have been trying to get that confidence back when it comes to making decisions. Now as so much of your chart is being lit up in terms of finances, career, and expansion in your life it is time to admit that you do not see this relationship continuing. It is normal to not want to make a mistake, but your delayed decision could end up costing you even more.  


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