The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On February 10, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On February 10, 2023

Every now and then we are happy to welcome in a day that is relatively...banal. February 10, 2023 is that type of lucky day, and that is because so much is in balance in luck and love, as we have the luminescent Sun trine Moon, a harmonious, smooth-flowing transit which brings happiness and love to the luckiest three zodiac signs — just not in such heaping doses that we have to stand back and gawk. In other words, today is for feeling good about ourselves and the lives we've created with others.

But don't expect love letters, gifts, flowers or over-the-top statements; today is for keeping it simple and trusting in the fact that our love lives are strong and that we don't have to do much to keep them that way.

If you are looking for a big public display of affection, sorry, next window. Today's love horoscope is for knowing, not showing off. This amazingly positive transit, Sun trine Moon, is all about knowing we're doing OK.

We don't have to immediately post some intimate detail about our romance on social media; we keep it to ourselves, because that's where the true power is. The less we show off, the closer we grow to our partners on this day.

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For three zodiac signs, February 10 is driven by self-confidence. What this means is that, because we 'know' we are not being lead by fear; we move through the world aware that we are the ones who lucked out.

We don't need to compare ourselves to others because we have everything we need in our love lives. Today brings up the idea of being past the need to tell everyone everything about our relationships. Transit Sun trine Moon brings us freedom from expectation. We can love others without an audience waiting around to applaud us.

The three zodiac signs who are the luckiest in love on February 10, 2023:

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Finally a day when you can just kick back and leave your worries behind you. Nothing gets on your nerves today, and even though you might chuckle while reading this, it's true: you are virtually unencumbered by problems today, and when it comes to your love life, that's like taking a load off. You and your person get along today, so much so, that the Sun trine Moon will see its perfect example in the two of you.

Getting along is only the beginning, too, as your conversations easily turn into inspirations. Do not be surprised if you and your mate decide it's time to do something big, like plan a trip to Europe, as today is very good for travel plans and business, as well. Transit Sun trine Moon sheds light on all positive thoughts and adds to the manifestation of goodness.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

All you really want is a break from the hassles of work, the responsibilities of keeping up a home and a warm pair of arms to run to at night, and guess what, Scorpio? Dreams do come true, and because your request is very simple, it's even easier for the universe to provide you with what you need.

You've got Sun in harmony with the Moon on your side today, and that means that your very simple desires are easily attained, not to mention that your mood is fantastic, and when you feel this good, you can't help but spill over on to your partner.

While today may not be the ultimate day of passion and romance, it certainly will be a great day for knowing that you are loved, and knowing that you CAN love. Lots of peaceful 'give and take' going on today.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

It's the little things that do the trick for you, Pisces, and you've come to miss feeling appreciative of what you now take for granted. You are about to open your eyes, today, and because of Sun trine Moon's brightness, what you'll see will remind you of what you've missed out on, all this time. You and your partner are tight, but you've let things fall into disarray over the time you've been together.

You got used to each other, and while there's good in that, there's also the seed of boredom. Yes, it's nice to feel familiarity, but you, Pisces, have been missing the thrill — and you want it back. Even if it's just a little sign that tells you that all is well and that your partner is totally aware of what you want and need. You will get this sign today, lucky you! You've got the Sun trine Moon at your back.

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