The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships, January 30 - February 5, 2023

When it is over, it is over.

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The Full Moon in Leo will make it impossible to ignore what truth is being revealed about your romantic relationship this week.  

This week hosts the Full Moon for the new month of February in Leo's passionate and bold sign. 

When in Leo, the Moon becomes more intense and even aggravated. 

This can lead to shorter emotional fuses and a greater likelihood of arguments, especially within those relationships in which there has been a disconnect present.  


It also brings to light the overall truth of the relationship present from the New Moon in Leo to now, which means it is time to make tough decisions for many. 

That is not the true ending when a relationship ends through an argument or conversation. 

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It always happens long before an official ending occurs. 

It happens when you give up on things changing, when you would rather have peace than face another never-ending conversation about the same issue and when you start to see your partner as your opponent rather than your teammate.  


This week brings about the endings that have truthfully already occurred, along with an intensified emotional response which means that it could be a rocky week ahead for many. 

But there are lessons here, within the Full Moon in Leo and the union of the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars in Pisces and Gemini. 

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Because the more you ignore the truth, the more forcefully it will come out.  

Four zodiac signs who fall out of love and end relationships, January 30 - February 5, 2023: 

1. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

This week, the Full Moon within your zodiac sign may make you more focused on yourself, which can lead to challenges within your relationships. While your relationship should fulfill your needs, focusing on them can make your partner feel like it is all about you.


There is a healthy balance to reach, of course, but this week it may feel like so much of what you have tried to ignore or have addressed previously will come bubbling up.

The Full Moon in Leo this week echoes back to the New Moon in Leo that occurred at the end of July 2022. Reflect on that time and see what was coming up for you or what had recently occurred to get a better idea of what to expect during this lunation.

As a Full Moon occurs within your zodiac sign, you will naturally be more reflective on your needs, your beliefs and your perspective, which means that you may not be able to understand where your partner is coming from.

Break-ups always step from a disconnect, and this week, you may find it more challenging to feel like you are on the same page with your partner. While you may be able to save it, you will need to watch your anger and make sure you think about your partner as much as you think about yourself.


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2. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

Mars has been within its zodiac sign since the end of August 2022. Since then, it has completed its retrograde phase and is moving through similar degrees to what it did during September and October last year. It will continue this dance until the end of March when it moves on from this area, and you can feel like you survived this period and that you were able to learn whatever you were meant to.

This week as Mars in Gemini aligns with Venus in Pisces, activating yourself and matters related to work and finances, you will feel a break within your romantic relationship. It is not surprising, given that you have not felt quite satisfied with this area of your life for some time, even if you felt unable to make changes or even were slow to admit it to yourself.


But this week has you wanting to invest more time and energy into your career and finances, which means that your focus is completely removed from your romantic life. In some relationships, this is a phase that couples share in sharing their lives, but for others, it will provide clarity and space to see that not all relationships are meant to be saved.  

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3. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


This week is not all unwelcome news for you, but it is one in that you will have to be more mindful of your own emotions, so they do not get the best of you. The Full Moon this week occurs within your health sector, prompting you to think about your romantic life in a healthier way.

You will be drawn to reflect on how the healthiness of your romantic life has shifted from the end of July to now and whether you feel that you have not only improved but also learned the necessary lessons to show that you have incorporated growth into it all.

This is what sets the stage for everything else. You are craving a healthy, dynamic relationship. This does not mean romance is dead for you, but only that you need it to be healthy. As the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, a dance between Gemini and Pisces themes around yourself and your home will arise.

This bridges your needs and beliefs within what you need from a committed relationship and home atmosphere. While you may not necessarily be falling out of love this week, it feels like your relationship will need some restructuring to keep growing.


This may mean some tough conversations as the North Node in Taurus is activated this week, bringing up themes of communication, but it is up to you to decide whether this is a love worth working for or instead one that is better finally laid to rest.  

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4. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 


Ceres, the asteroid that governs feminine energy and family relationships, shifts into retrograde within the sign of Libra this week, challenging your motivation to move forward. Ceres make you feel more at ease, more relaxed in your own space and less likely to make changes.

It helps to receive more of what is happening around you rather than rushing ahead to take on matters that may need improvement or change. In your relationship sector, this presents a sharp contrast to Jupiter in your zodiac sign, motivating you to focus on yourself and move ahead.

Your romantic partner, regardless of gender, may start to feel more dependent upon you, which will make you begin to fight off that inclination that you are being stifled. All you want to do this year is tap into your greater truth and fly.

To embrace as much as life and love have to offer, but with the energy from Ceres, you may feel restricted from changing things in your romantic life this week. It is more than likely you already have fallen out of love and even want to end your relationship, but this week it becomes more challenging to continue the process.


Stay calm; things will pick up, but you have a chance to practice your boundaries to stay focused on your growth and expansion again this week.  

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