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Woman Says She Did Mushrooms With Kanye West & His New Wife During Their Utah Honeymoon

Photo: Cosmopolitan UK, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons, @shop_noomms/TikTok, Bianca Censori/LinkedIn
Kanye West, TikToker @shop_noomms, Bianca Censori

Kanye West and new wife Biance Censori's marriage has been such a surprise that even Kim Kardashian herself is said to have been blindsided by it. 

But a woman on TikTok claims to have some of the inside scoop after running into the couple on their Utah honeymoon in December—and then doing psychedelic mushrooms with them.

Teresa Esmezyan, who promotes her line of psychedelic mushrooms on her TikTok account @shop_noomms, says she and her husband met West at the exclusive Amangiri resort in Canyon Point, Utah.

After noticing West was with "a new girl" who turned out to be Bianca Censori, the 28-year-old Australian Head of Architecture at Yeezy, they approached the couple.

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The TikToker claims she spoke with Kanye West and Bianca Censori during their Utah honeymoon.

The TikToker claims she spoke with West and Censori for about 30 minutes about everything from religion to politics, and that West revealed he and Censori's wedding ring designs during the conversation.

Esmezyan noted that they didn't expect to see any stars at the celeb-heavy Amangiri resort because it was the off-season, so West and his new companion jumped out at her when they spotted them at breakfast.

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Since the two couples were the only ones in the dining room, Esmezyan and her husband struck up a conversation with West and Censori. 

"We have this whole conversation for like half an hour about politics, religion," Esmezyan says, and then West asked her what she and her husband were doing in Utah.

After she explained she was there to take photos for the launch of her mushroom brand, Esmezyan says West was intrigued by her product.

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West allegedly had a design idea based on his and Censori's wedding rings.

Esmezyan claims West offered to "Ye-ify" her product's bottle and base its look on the design of his and Censori's wedding rings.

Esmezyan says West took his wedding ring off to show her its design and told her his pastor was creating a similar ring for Censori.

This led her and her husband to realize that West and Censori were either married or engaged. Of course, the news dropped last week that they did indeed get hitched.

Esmezyan says West then suggested she include the silver color of his wedding ring in her mushroom packaging to "Ye-ify" its look.

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The TikToker claims she and her husband then did mushrooms with West and Censori.

Censori allegedly said she loves taking medicinal mushrooms for her ADHD.

Esmezyan claims West then told her and Censori to exchange numbers so that they could all collaborate on the design of her mushroom bottle.

She says she's now on a texting basis with the couple and showed a screenshot from her phone, of Censori thanking her for the "shroooooms."

She described West and Censori as "so nice and passionate and like intellectual," which she says she found "refreshing."

The screenshot of Censori's text message is dated December 19, suggesting that West and Censori's marriage may not have been quite as last-minute as many assume.

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While fans loved the TikToker's insights into Kanye West and Bianca Censori's marriage timeline, many felt she was ill-advised in violating their privacy by sharing it.

As one Reddit user bluntly put it, "Maybe shut up if you meet them and may collaborate. Now they know you’re on Tik Tok running your mouth."

Others were uncomfortable with Esmezyan's glowing reports about West given his past anti-Semitic comments.

"Yeah as soon as she said they were talking politics I can only imagine what she said to stay in his good graces," one Redditor wrote.

And many others just straight-up didn't believe her account and chalked it all up to trying to use a celebrity's fame to sell her product.

As one TikToker put it, "Girl I don’t believe it but I will say it was a good promo tactic lol."

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