The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Saturday, January 7, 2023

Plans help you determine your own fate.

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Just in time for the weekend, the Cancer Moon works with Neptune in Pisces, encouraging a day of rest and reflection after yesterday's seismic Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Cancer occurred in the evening just yesterday, so most of the day may carry similar energy, making it better for staying in and reflecting than necessarily getting out and socializing or tending to other tasks.

Yesterday the Full Moon mentioned themes around the balance you have or was lacking in life.


Today's Moon helps you tune into your innermost feelings and desires and to create a welcoming comfort zone.

A lot is spoken about comfort zones, but today there is a deeper reflection on what this means for you.

A comfort zone is a place that does not encourage growth.

It appeals to wounds, whether those from childhood or even adulthood.

It allows you to remain the same, and while you may flirt with growth or healing, your comfort zone enables you to stay the same.

Not just in terms of life but even within yourself.

Sometimes your comfort zone can be all-encompassing; it can represent every area of your life, while at others, it might only affect your romantic life or career.


Your comfort zone involves no risk.

It meets you in your wounding and caters to it rather than challenges it.

Today, with the Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces, you are being encouraged to reflect more deeply on what arose for you yesterday.

But with the Sun and Mercury embracing within the sign of Capricorn, today is not about reflection but instead about planning.

It is not enough to feel your truth or embrace the awareness your emotions bring.

To truly have your feelings be of value, you also must have an action plan.

While Cancer can have trouble planning, that is precisely what Capricorn excels within.

Mercury is currently retrograde, which is often considered a negative; however, today, having to reflect on this idea of the comfort zone coming up, is of benefit because it will enable you to see where you have chosen in the past to remain where you are instead of taking a chance on something new.


Mercury and Sun in Capricorn may not be ready to spring into action just yet, but the time is nearing when you will feel more comfortable to do so.

Next week brings Mars, the planet of action, finally turning direct since October, and just a few days later, Mercury will turn direct as well.

It will merge communication with action and make you an unstoppable force in conquering your comfort zone for the last time.

It is enough to lean into your awareness and feelings today. Then, most of all, rest so that you are in the place emotionally, mentally, and physically to step into the version of yourself that your dreams will require of you.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for Saturday, January 7, 2023:

1. Aries


(March 21 - April 19)

The Cancer Moon mentioned many themes involving how what feels comfortable is holding you back or enabling you to remain the same. Today with Neptune in Pisces coming onto the scene, it is time to face what you have been avoiding dealing with.

There is a huge gift here as it will allow you to fully see and embrace the truth to make the decision that will help you make the necessary changes to grow. You have Jupiter currently within your sign, so there truly is not anything that you cannot accomplish.

But you need to believe it, and to believe it; you need to see the truth of what has been lingering under the surface. There is an opportunity for some greater calm and peace today as you start to remember what is most important and, with it, finally find your courage to take that first step.


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2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Neptune is currently within your sign as it aligns with the Cancer Moon highlighting themes around commitment, marriage and even children. You are a sign that is loving and romantic by nature, yet if your heart becomes broken or you become disappointed, you can often retreat within yourself.


One of the biggest comfort zone restrictions you find yourself within is being too comfortable alone. You want that relationship, yet you also find comfort in solitude because there is no risk of breaking your giant sensitive heart.

Today, you are urged to step away from that belief by recognizing that only fear keeps you there. Instead, look to see where hope exists within your life. Look for possibilities, take a chance, and allow yourself to believe in love once again.

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3. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Think big today because the sky truly is the limit. The collection of planets currently in Capricorn is helping to infuse your life with some risk-taking energy that will lead you to greater opportunity and abundance. Capricorn energy rules your luck sector, which also includes learning and travel.

As much as you have gained stability from your comfort zone, you are also starting to realize that when your home truly is within yourself, you can also allow yourself to take risks and be open to life more deeply.

Today helps get you closer to your dreams by allowing you to discover what it really is you want for yourself. While some may seem far-fetched, always remember that making plans allows you to eventually reach your dreams, no matter how far away they might seem.


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