Why You Shouldn't Fall In Love With The Perfect Person

Perfection only makes you addicted and it will be poisonous for your well-being after the long run.

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By Rayi Noormega

Once in your life, you will meet some people who you identified as the most perfect human beings that have ever existed.

They are the people with good-looking face, excellent attitudes, great achievements, and a smile that could melt everybody’s heart.

Those are the people who can attract everybody’s attention once they are entering the room, and you will see those people as angels and they have this magical charm that makes people can trust them easily.


Everybody will eventually fall in love with these "perfect people," but once you find them, you should run away instead.

More often than not, a person's perfection is a mask.

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Perfection has no depth; its charm can only be felt with your senses, but not with your heart. Perfection can deceive and manipulate you in many ways, but most importantly it can be used against you.

Falling in love with someone’s perfection will only lead you into self-shaming and you won’t feel enough with yourself.


You will only have a blind obsession toward this perfect person and you will ignore the fact that actually you are worth to fight too. You will be the one who is chasing for their love and affection, and at the end of the day, you will feel intimidated by their perfection.

Love simply shouldn’t make you feel this way.

At first, perfect people will drown you in their charm if they need something from you. But then, once their needs have been fulfilled, you no longer exist in their life. 

They have a habit to take people for granted because they know that they can steal people’s heart effortlessly. 

That’s the thing about falling in love with people’s perfection: you will only have a broken heart in the end.

Everybody knows that it is not easy to fall in love with people’s flaws. Basically, based on evolutionary theory, people choose their partner based on the top qualities instead of the weaknesses. 


But I think, in order to love, we need to accept those weaknesses as well. It sounds cliché, but I believe that people’s flaws are actually something genuine that have to be addressed more than physical charm.

People that have the bravery to show their flaws are actually the best kind of people. They embrace their flaws and transform it into their strengths.

We all know it’s not easy to show our flaws, that’s why those people who are proud to have them are actually the real people who are worthy to be loved. Their flaws are the evidence that they are genuine and sincere to others.

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If you are looking for a steady relationship, it’s time to shift your attention for a moment. Toss aside your "Prince Charming" quality list and get to know someone first before you choose to fall in love.

Dig deeper about their passions, what they do for a living, how they do things, what values they hold, and how they treat people when they are at the lowest point of their lives.

You have to get to know them deeper and find their weaknesses, and then decide for yourself whether you are ready or not to love their flaws instead of their artificial things.

You have to adjust yourself, too. Be a better person for someone you choose. Better yourself with new life experiences, learn something new, be brave to take chances, and embrace your flaws instead of covering it with makeup or expensive things.


Always remember that there is no such thing as love at first sight; it is called being infatuated, not the real love.

The truth is, love is something sacred and deep; it requires more than good looks, high achievements, or smiles that can drive you crazy. 

Conceive in your mind that true love is not about artificial things. Love requires deep understanding about every part of someone’s personality without the urge to change them.

Perfection only makes you addicted and it will be poisonous for your well-being after the long run.


Don’t judge and fall in love too easily with those you think are perfect. At the end of the day, you need to always remember that people are just like an iceberg: we only see the surface, meanwhile there is always so much more than meets the eye.

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Rayi Noormega is a writer whose work has been featured on HuffPost, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, The Mind's Journal, YourTango, allwomenstalk, among others. Visit her website for more.