The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Crush Loves Them Back During Moon Square Jupiter On December 23, 2022

Sometimes change is good.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Crush Loves Them Back During Moon Square Jupiter On December 23, 2022 g-stockstudio from getty images via Canva Pro

Just as soon as you thought you were being rejected by the person you've been crushing on, life takes a turn to show you that you were wrong. Rarely do you ever believe that luck in love is on your side, but today will give three zodiac signs a few examples of how unrequited love can take a turn for the better.

This is the result of the Moon square Jupiter, a transit that's only mission is to bring optimism to those who are open to it.


This is the day when three zodiac signs suddenly 'hear back' from that one person.

During Moon square Jupiter, we are the object of someone else's desire, and we feel loved on this day.

While we may not automatically trust the situation — as it will be new and full of unknown variables — we will notice how we are now the center of their attention. (Hey, we can't help it.)


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We all have interpretations of what 'getting lucky in love' might mean. Still, the meaning is clear during Moon square Jupiter: we mean something to our crush, and they will let us know.

We may not expect it, but it's heading our way. We are loved on this day. We make someone happy, and because we exist, someone else's life is fulfilling and wonderful.

Yes, we are THAT GOOD. Own it, zodiac signs. Let the luck flow and the love run wild and free!

The three zodiac signs whose crush loves them back during the Moon square Jupiter on December 23, 2022: 

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


You were pleased to go about things on your own. You never expected something like LOVE to come knocking on your door, yet here we are today, and it looks like someone ran into some incredible luck, Aries. What you've created is a secure image of yourself. 

You've built yourself into a strong person, and your lack of neediness has attracted someone to you who wants to bask in your glow. Being happily single is where you're at, mainly because your experience of love seems less than lucky and more about how much you get to lose at the end of it.

Moon square Jupiter opens the gates to new opportunities for you in love. You thought you were 'closed for business,' yet here you are today, receiving news that someone is entirely devoted to you.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You get lucky in love, Taurus, because you want to be lucky. You are at the point where you intend, and you manifest. Like Yoda said, "There is no try; there is only do." That's you. During Moon square Jupiter, you don't look for luck to happen to you; you go out there and make your luck.

You believe that the universe is always conspiring to make your life fantastic, and you can't see it any other way.

On this day, December 23, you'll be overwhelmed by the attention you receive from your partner and, if not by your partner, by someone who has been crushing on you forever. If you want to be loved, then today is your lucky day. Life is short; you mean to live it as fully as possible. Be you, be true, Taurus!


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3. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

The holiday season has put a heck of a load of stress on your poor Gemini head, and it's got you feeling like you're doing it all on your own, with very little help from those you love. Well, guess again, Gemini. During Moon square Jupiter, all your people will come out of the woodwork to help you and make you feel special for all you do.


You are lucky, friend, as you are lovable and a seriously good person. During this astrology transit, the people in your life turn to you to show you how much you mean to them.

Romantically, you probably thought it was over; you resigned yourself to your partner, assuming the best is in the past. You're mistaken. The best is now. You are loved, worshiped and adored by your one special person. Wake up and feel it (and remember this day in the future, for when you feel less than extraordinary. OK, Gemini?)

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