How To Be Happy Being Single — Even If You Dream Of Finding Love

You owe it to yourself to enjoy your life now — without shame.

How To Be Happy Being Single — Even If You Dream Of Finding Love unsplash/Daniel Monteiro

We all want to know how to be happy in our life, whether we're single or in a relationship.

However, somewhere around their mid-20s, single women start feeling ashamed about their relationship status.

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Since the ripe age of 22, I've been asked about marriage at each and every family function. Family members and strangers would greet me with "You're next!" every time I attended a wedding — even when I was entirely single with no boyfriend in sight.

For the most part, I was very happy and content with my life as a successful career-oriented woman.

But, whenever I spent time around family, I struggled with this tug-o-war between the career expectations I had for myself and the shame I felt for not reaching the wedded expectations that my family had for me.

It seems I'm not alone in this struggle.


Whether it stems culturally, socially, or is self-inflicted, shame is very present for all women. One study found that 96 percent of women feel ashamed or guilty at least once per day about their friendships, relationships, work, and body.

And though this research seems in direct conflict with current facts about women and marriage — statistically, today more women are likely not to marry until later in life (if at all) than ever before — doesn't mean we don't experience shame about it.

Shame isn't about the action we take, it's about what we believe we're not doing. Shame is the guilt we feel over what we feel we "should have" done, what we're "supposed to do," and the expectations we set for ourselves.

The expectation of the modern woman is to have it all. We're told we're "supposed to" achieve and effortlessly maintain a superwoman identity, at all times.


Society expects us to uphold our image as independent and career-driven women while being a sexy wife and a Pinterest-perfect mother.

When striving for this impossible standard, you ultimately feel shame when the goal isn't achieved.

So, how can you let go of shame and live a fulfilled happy life you love regardless of your relationship status? Can you learn how to find happiness while looking for love?

Being single can be some of the happiest times in your life if you do these 4 things.

1. Let go of "shoulds" and embrace what is

You have to stop living your life based on what you or others believe "should" happen or who you should be. Instead, begin to unapologetically live into your current reality.


Comparing yourself to others or trying to live up to other people's expectations only breeds self-judgment and guilt. There is no ideal version of your life. Instead, accept that everything in your life is exactly on track.

It's OK to love your life now and move toward your future at the same time. That acceptance will give you peace.

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2. If you don't like how it is, do something about it

Maybe you're feeling shame because being single isn't what you want. It's OK to want a relationship. But, instead of beating yourself up about it, do something about it.

Figure out a vision for your life, ask yourself who the person you want to end up with is and seek him with determination.


Set goals in your dating life and take action. Finding happiness in life and love only happens through action in order for things to change.

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3. Have amazing relationships with everyone

The key to a fulfilling and happy life is often tied to a relationship and most people believe that relationship is only found in marriage.

Research shows that having strong and profound relationships in all areas of your life is what ultimately leads to fulfillment and happiness.

So, nurture your relationship with your bestie, take your mother out to lunch, spend more time with the co-worker you adore — do whatever it takes to be happier so you can have amazing relationships, platonic or otherwise.


4. Surround yourself with empathy

The struggle of being single is very real, so you may as well surround yourself with people who understand. There's comfort in talking to someone who can say, "Me too."

Make sure to spend time with your other single and positive friends. I stress positivity because you want your friends and relationships to inspire you and bring joy into your life.

Letting go of shame takes practice.


Happy people notice when they talk down to themselves so, instead, they are much kinder to themselves. And so should you.

There's no shame in being single and there is no ideal. There is only how we choose to perceive our experiences.

You can be a happy person by reaping the benefits of being single.

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Ravid Yosef is a Dating & Relationship Coach in Los Angeles who works with clients virtually around the world. To read more dating tips and relationship advice visit her website and sign up for her weekly newsletter.