The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Karmic Relationship Ends During The Moon Opposite Neptune On November 18, 2022

Such a painful time.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Karmic Relationship Ends During The Moon Opposite Neptune On November 18, 2022 WebTechExperts from Pixabay via Canva

Neptune has us living in our heads, and that essentially means that because we'll be spending a LOT of time thinking things out during this transit, we will also come to a few conclusions that may alter our perception of many important things. We're looking at the Moon opposite Neptune and its effect.

Today, this transit brings forth the idea that we've had enough. Enough of this, enough of that, and definitely enough of a certain person who no longer makes sense in our lives.


This isn't about throwing someone out, or having a fight with them that ends in either stalemate or their removal; this is about recognizing that we no longer need the friendship or companionship of this one other person.

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It's not that they are terrible, and it's not that we are either it's that this relationship has run its course, and as we grow and get older, we come to understand that in life as well as in relationships, nothing lasts forever.



This is the day when karmic relationships see their end. Nothing to be weepy about, as this will come very naturally. There are no drastic karmic endings as everything happens according to plan and in perfect timing.


During Moon opposite Neptune, we will see the end of one such relationship, and we will smile as it walks out the door because the time is right, and we know it.

The three zodiac signs whose karmic relationship ends during the Moon opposite Neptune on November 18, 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You've always been able to roll with the punches, so to speak, when it comes to recognizing when someone in your life has to 'go' and today is one of those days. You and a friend will part ways today.

You will keep the memory positive and you will remember each other fondly, but during the Moon opposite Neptune, you both will see no real reason to keep this thing going on and on. Life has come between friends, and that's OK.


That's life, and that's what life does. In the case of your friendship, it's finished its course; there is nothing more either of you can get out of this, and so, its karma has been completed.

It's all OK, and the entire experience is something that has taught you much but can teach you no longer. It goes the same for this friend. You may always think of them as a friend, but it won't be the same. This friendship's karma has come to an end.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You have held on to this one person forever, except they are not in front of your face; they are a memory. A very good memory indeed, but they are also the person who nearly destroyed you.


You have spent way too much time romanticizing the relationship so that you could see it as noble and fantastical, but in the long run, all it is is another romance that bit the dust and can serve you no longer, in any way.

This relationship has given you all it can give and it is no longer a part of you and you recognize it, with the help of today's horoscope transit, Moon opposite Neptune.

You have kept this person alive in your mind for too long and you recognize the truth in that all too well. You are finally ready to release them. Your mind has better things to fill itself with now. Get ready for the future, Taurus.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

While you are someone who can hold on to another person for an outstanding period of time, you are also aware of what goes on inside you, and on this day, November 18, 2022, your mind will tell you that it's time to let someone go. You've held on for too long and now, none of it makes sense to you.

This person's memory became part of your chemistry, you took it for granted and eventually ignored it completely. Every now and then their memory would pop up, and possibly disturb you until it hits: you are no longer tied to them.


There is nothing that holds the two of you together, so why are you bothering to think of them as someone special in your life? They may have been special at one point, but now it only seems as though they are there in memory, and nothing more. This relationship has come to its karmic ending: it had to be.

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