The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love They Can't Have During The Moon Sextile Mars On October 20, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love They Can't Have During The Moon Sextile Mars On October 20, 2022

Whenever we have a transit like the Moon sextile Mars, we feel a little more confident than perhaps we should.

It's as if we are instilled with a sense of false hope on this day, and while there are ways to learn from this, it's still a mistake, and when this transit makes its worst moves, it usually takes the form of us wanting things we simply cannot have...like people.

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Today, October 20, puts certain zodiac signs into the position of being the person who wants someone who doesn't necessarily want us back. That's a shame and it feels degrading and sad.



Because we can't see reality on this day, we will more than likely say something to someone that will both shock them and deter them from wanting to know more.

That's what's so sad about Moon sextile Mars transit; they tend to come with heartbreak. And we human beings sure do know how to create situations for potential heartbreak.

One of the worst-case scenarios is the one where we love someone who clearly will never love us back.

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Yet, the aggressive nature of the Moon's sextile Mars makes us think that if we push and push, we'll eventually melt their cold, cold hearts, which is not going to happen.

So, today, a few of us will learn the hard way that just because we love someone, it will never mean that they will love us back. It's a hard pill to swallow, and yet it's the only thing that we are offered. Take the pill, forget the love.

The three zodiac signs who want a love that they can’t have during the Moon sextile Mars on October 20, 2022:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Honestly, it would be wonderful if you were to get what you want, or rather, 'who' you want on this day, as you are such a sweet and kind person. You really do deserve the very best life has to offer, and during the Moon sextile Mars, you'll believe that the person you have your eye on is part of that lineup.

The problem is they're just not into you, Cancer, and while that's a cute, glib line, it's still the truth, and it will anger you.

Mars energy takes you and makes you feel like you can have anybody you want, and that you definitely deserve the very best, and yet, this person of yours, this person who doesn't seem to want to let you in, is going to have to let you down easy, today.

You don't want to hear the truth, and you may not give them the chance to even express themselves. You don't want to bring yourself down by imbibing such truths, but as you know, the truth is what will set you free. That is, when you decide you want to be free.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Nothing is more annoying to you, Scorpio, than showing someone your very best side only to have them flat-out reject you. You never sit well with rejection, in fact, you tend to force the issue, as if the pressure will make a person change their mind.

Today finds you working with the energy of Moon sextile Mars. How this plays out is in the idea that you are pushing way too hard to bring a certain someone into your life.

You are not catching on to the bold facts that this person isn't interested in you...' that' way. They may wish to be your friend and they have no problem with you, per se, but they are not interested in romance with you, and that gets your goat.

You don't like this and you take it very personally. It's as if your feelings override theirs and on this day, you may end up turning on them, just because you can.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You aren't someone who does anything halfway; you like to put in the effort and you totally enjoy what effort brings you. You've always been successful in your endeavors, and now that you have your eye on someone, you expect the same kind of results.

You want this person to be your romantic partner; you feel like the two of you could make a super splendid match, and yet, this person doesn't seem to know you exist, or rather, they aren't really into knowing you on that level.

So, during the Moon sextile Mars, you might get it into your mind that because you've had success with making things your own before, you could easily do it again.

And that's not going to happen this time, which is a huge disappointment to you. First of all, you're not used to rejection. This entire day feels alien to you, as you deal with the fact that you can't have the love you want.

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