The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On October 18, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On October 18, 2022

With Venus trine Mars leading up the transits for the day, we may find ourselves getting to the point a lot quicker when it comes to talking things out with a romantic partner.

And, if we are single and looking for love, we'll be able to tell any future partners about who we really are.

When we are upfront with our feelings, we don't have to worry about 'what's going to happen later when they find out?'

With Venus trine Mars energy surrounding us on this day, we respect the idea of love and being in love, but we also know that we are our number one concern.

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Venus trine Mars is the transit that allows us to fall in love, be in love and stay in love...in honesty. We don't trick people into loving us during this time, nor do we pick unnecessary fights, just to stir things up to make them feel excited.

Right now, we want what's best for ourselves and we don't feel selfish about asking for just that. Self-respect is what drives this day forward, and once we get a taste of what it does, we know we'll never go back.

So, today brings out the best in the people we are romantically attached to.

Nobody here, on this day, of the signs mentioned below, is up for drama, lies, or false hope.

It becomes quite obvious that during Venus trine Mars, we are ready to do all we need in order to make our love lives work out well, but we're also absolutely not going to blow it with a lack of communication or dubious conversation.

We get to the point during Venus trine Mars, and we make it work for ourselves.

Here is which three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on October 18, 2022:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You feel as though you've worked hard enough on your love life and that you'd like to put in a little less due diligence; this isn't a job and you're tired of 'showing up' for it, especially when your partner seems less than thrilled that you are there.

It's time to have 'the talk' with them, and with Venus trine Mars on your side, you'll find that communicating the hard news to someone you love is a whole lot easier.

This is because you really want things to work out; you have no hidden agenda and you're not looking to break up.

What you DO know is that, if this really is to work out, you have to play your cards the right way, and that means saying what's really on your mind but being firm as to what you can no longer tolerate.

If you approach your mate on this day, during Venus trine Mars, there's a very good chance you'll walk away from the conversation feeling satisfied and 'heard.'

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You don't feel as though you ask for much in your relationship, however, you have been feeling as though you are perhaps 'giving' them too much, and now you're wondering if you should say something.

You don't want to cause a fight, but you also do not want this thought to get lost in the thousand other thoughts that never get expressed, and so, during Venus trine Mars, you will ask your partner if you could 'have the floor' for a minute or two.

This is exactly what you needed; you wanted to say what was on your mind, but you also wanted to know that they would be open to hearing you out, which they prove to you, during this time.

You have underestimated yourself, Virgo; you thought you'd be ignored or 'humored' but it seems that the person you're involved with has great, profound interests in this relationship and that they are open to every single thing you want to discuss.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You know how you get, Scorpio...when you get something into your mind, it doesn't just leave or soften with time; it needs to be expressed. Especially if it tends to be paranoia, which is what it is right now. You need to be relieved; you need your partner to clear a few things up for you because if they don't, you'll go out of your mind.

You suspect that your partner may not be telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Still, it's just speculation and the more you let it stay in the ether, the worse it gets.

During Venus trine Mars, you'll be very inspired and strengthened by the idea of setting things straight.

The good news is that your partner is not lying to you, nor are they doing anything behind your back. Plus, they welcome your paranoia as long as they can prove you wrong about it. They want you to be at ease, and they will do their best to put you there.

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