The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 25, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 25, 2022

Every now and then we all get that feeling that we should be doing more with our lives. We reflect back on ourselves with dismay; we are not satisfied with all that we've brought to the world, in fact, we may even come to believe we're inferior or simply...unworthy.

While nobody likes feeling this way, it's just one of the downsides to being human; we get this way, and sometimes it leads to depression, while at other times it acts as the impetus for major change.

Today brings us Moon trine Pluto, which is not an altogether 'negative' transit, but it does come with its own 'purge,' so to speak. This astrology transit, on September 25, puts us in a precarious position.

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We can stay satisfied and stuck with what we have, moaning and wailing over how awful we think we are, or, we can use this dark force to get us to the next level in our progress.

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Today gives us the choice: move on, or stay back. And we know what staying back gives us more of the same and nothing else.

So, today we have to reconcile with the idea perhaps we are not as pathetic as we've made ourselves out to be. If we can recognize this, then the process of change will begin.

It may be painful but at least we'll start creating positive momentum. The timing here is crucial; we need to make the best out of Moon trine Pluto or we will never experience the change we need. Today, some will take the challenge, while others will remain stuck in a rough place.

The three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on September 25, 2022:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

There are times when you just give up all hope, and today might very well be one of those days. It doesn't cause you to do anything drastic, but you may end up sulking in your car while playing all the tunes that remind you of 'the good ol' days.'

During the Moon trine Pluto, you feel like life passed you by, and you may even wonder what the purpose of being here is for. Some might label you as depressed, but this is just the way life is for you; you're never satisfied...ever.

Your Gemini nature has you continuously confused over life choices and now, you hardly trust your judgment. You see yourself as the problem, but should anyone try to help you, you refuse to admit there's anything wrong.

Your problem, today, is that you have lost faith in your own self and you're not sure if you can ever get it back. It will pass, Gemini. Hang in there.

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You may have to fight the feeling of dark depression today as you spend much of this day comparing your life to the life of others. You get it into your mind that you have it worse, always, and that 'oh well, that's just my rotten fate.'

This kind of self-pity only makes you look pathetic, and the worst part about it is that you know you're great. What you are experiencing now is that momentary lapse in sanity where you start to believe you are somehow destined to live a crappy existence.

Wow, you have fallen into the pit of despair, and if you stay there too long, you'll start the blame game: "they did it. They are responsible. If only I didn't meet them, etc, etc..."

During Moon trine Pluto, you feel like your dreams have deserted you and you're not sure if you can get up the energy to pursue them any longer. Don't worry too much, though, Capricorn, as this is only temporary and you'll be back shortly.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You've never felt as though life was a breeze, but you've always known that every negative situation can be worked with. You aren't satisfied with staying 'stuck' and you do make efforts to extricate yourself from the muck and mire.

However, today, you are dealing with the Moon trine Pluto, which has a strange effect on you; it doesn't allow you to believe in yourself, and this is the first step in healing, and you know it. You can't see far ahead into the world of tomorrow, and so, you believe that this is all you have.

Unfortunately, 'all you have' feels like very little on this day. Heads up: you are not limited to this day's emotional state and you will get past it all.

But please, Pisces, don't let this become your new 'way.' Don't identify with the pain; don't make it who you are. You are fine and you will get past this dreary transit and its influence.

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