The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During Moon Opposite Pluto On September 20, 2022

They knew it!

The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During Moon Opposite Pluto On September 20, 2022 Leung Cho Pan via Canva Pro

Isn't it ironic that we all have this obsession with love, but that it also comes with a few standard fears, as well? What do we fear about this thing that is supposed to give us our ultimate joy?

We fear being rejected, for one. The idea of being in a relationship with someone whom we love and who truly loves us back is SUCH an ideal, that if we let our minds have at it, we usually end up terrorizing ourselves over the possibility of it not working out after all. "What if they don't really love us, after all?"


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If there's one transit that can really work that nerve, it's the Moon opposite Pluto, which occurs on September 20. During this time, we will be much more prone to overthinking the disaster scenarios of love.


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We project doom and gloom onto situations that may or may not be perfect. And because we are practically unable to shake the thought of what love could potentially do to us if the worst-case scenarios came into being, we end up creating these situations without being fully conscious of these efforts.

During the Moon opposite Pluto, we simply can't help ourselves; we fear an outcome that hasn't arrived yet and we end up expediting that outcome by forcing it into being with our minds.

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This is where we really have to stand back and understand that we are what we eat, meaning, that if we think bad thoughts, we experience bad results. We become our fear, whether we want to or not. That is the power of fear, and that is what the Moon opposite Pluto does with it. It pushes us to manifest our worst thoughts.

The three zodiac signs whose fears in love come true during the Moon opposite Pluto on September 17, 2022.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You have a particularly strong mind and when you put your mind to negative thinking, you win all the awards for 'darkest thinker of the year.' It's award time again for you, as the Moon opposite Pluto just won't let up in your head.

As soon as you start to feel comfortable in your relationship, you start to sow the seeds of doubt and before you know it, doubt is all you can see.


Whether you berate yourself for being 'all wrong, all the time' or them for not being able to live up to your standards, you are going to single-handedly take your love relationship down to the ground. And why?

Because you are so stuck in the fear of it all that it's become who you are. You'll notice this today; you'll see how far you've let your mind go, and how only a few days ago, everything seemed to be OK. And Gemini, it was OK, and still is until you start to unravel, which is what the Moon opposite Pluto does best; it unravels confidence and lets you believe more in your fear than in your love.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


The only real fear you have in your mind when it comes to love is that you are unworthy of it and that your partner is somehow going to 'find this out'.

On some level, you know this is just you playing tricks on yourself, but today, during the Moon opposite Pluto, you have help in that department. This transit is here solely for the purpose of having you doubt yourself, doubt your love, and inevitably get yourself so deeply into your own fear and paranoia that you eventually destroy the love you have. It's been known to happen before.

On September 20, you may start a fight with the person you love just to test their patience and their boundaries. You've already decided what the outcome is and so you hear no truths.

You do not listen to the cries of love that come from your mate, instead, you hear only their complaints, which are non-existent and only take place in your mind. They love you, but you don't see it, and so you give yourself over to fear. Thanks, Moon opposite Pluto.


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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Your fears about love are about to come true because you are hellbent on making them come true. That's who you are: aggressive and instigating. You want a fight and you're going to get one.

This happens every now and then with you, and with the Moon opposite Pluto in your transit lineup, you'll be back in the boxing ring with your romantic partner once again, trying their patience and making them suffer for their love.


You may just get what you want this time, Scorpio if what you truly want is to push your person so far away from you that they'll want to flee in terror.

You never got the message, which is that you are fine 'as is' and that every time you get a little nervous about your own appearance, you don't have to ruin the life of the person you're with, as if they have a problem with it, or you, which they don't.

The only thing your partner is going to have a problem with is the way you push and push your doubt onto them. They are not the problem here, Scorpio. You are.

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