The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Reject Love During The Moon Square Pluto On September 13, 2022

They cannot do it.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Reject Love During The Moon Square Pluto On September 13, 2022 Niko_Nomad, FatCamera via Getty Images Signature

Lucky number 13 feels less lucky and more aggressive on this day, in September. If we feel hostile for no reason whatsoever, it's more than likely due to the transit we have overhead, namely, Moon square Pluto, notorious for wreaking havoc in the minds of human beings for centuries.

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During Moon square Pluto, we feel like everything is in crisis mode and we can't help ourselves. One of the most common things that many of us will experience during Moon square Pluto is a need to reject every one in our lives for reasons not even we know.


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And so, rejection is the name of the game today. We will fly off the handle at the people we are in relationships with, and we will shut down emotionally when we are needed to be present and involved.


Someone may make the mistake of trying to soothe our pain and in turn, we will bite their heads off, claiming that they have ulterior motives and cannot be trusted. In other words, today, many of us will get to show the world that we are indeed a hot mess.

And let it be known: we will regret treating people as badly as we'll be treating them today. It's not as though we are inhuman; we're just in bad moods that make us come off like creeps.

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We reject love because we reject all things good, and why? Because today is the day when we are drawn to the darkness inside us. Pluto energy makes everything feel like trauma; we are not happy campers on this day, and we may even go out of our way to ensure that nobody else is, either.


Three zodiac signs who reject love during the Moon square Pluto on September 13, 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You tend to follow your heart no matter what you do, or how much trouble it gets you into because if there's one thing that you are, it's honest with yourself. Today brings that honesty to the forefront, but with it also comes your paranoia and aggression; you do not feel secure today and because of that, you reject anything that resembles security.

Love is the last thing you trust today, and if someone offers it to you, you not only laugh in their face, you make them feel bad for even thinking they could 'trick' you like that.

Moon square Pluto ignites something inside you that makes you feel as though you need to defend yourself as if everyone around you is attacking you, which they are not. Today, you perceive love as instigation; if someone dares to try and love you today, you will take their love and concern for you and you will dash it to the ground. Rejected!


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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Today makes you feel as though you cannot possibly tolerate another person and their opinion, promise, or challenge. People are on your nerves today like nobody's business, and during Moon square Pluto, you don't have it in you to be polite.

In fact, the idea of being rude and careless with people's feelings seems liberating. After all, are you not polite and considerate all the time?

Yes, you are, and you know what? It's getting to you.

You want some payback; you want some respect, and even if it came pouring down on you from the heavens, you'd reject it, because today doesn't allow you to see anything as good.


Everything is your enemy today in your mind, and this brings out your need to punish, which definitely won't let you win any popularity contests. You are the person to avoid today, and those who get up in your grill will be flat-out rejected for their efforts.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


Mood swings are no surprise to you, Pisces, and today, with Moon square Pluto as your leading influence, you'll be once again in the presence of your own nasty, foul mood, and it will take you to new heights when it comes to paranoia, annoyance and an inability to see anything as worthwhile on this day. You will insult friends, put down family members and make your own romantic partner feel like they made a bad decision in choosing you as their mate.

You feel like, if they came this far, then they need to accept that this is how you are but IS this how you are, Pisces, or are you just someone who was innocently sucked into the black hole that is Moon square Pluto?

It's more than likely the latter, as you are generally one of the kindest signs in the Zodiac. All the more reason that people in your life will be shocked by your behavior today as you reject them all, left and right.

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