The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Quit Waiting For Love During The Moon Conjunct Pluto On September 6, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Quit Waiting For Love During The Moon Conjunct Pluto On September 6, 2022

The whole idea of quitting, when it comes to waiting for love, is complex and not necessarily about throwing one's hands up in frustration, thinking love itself is the enemy and not meant for us.

If we are people who quit waiting for love, then we have our reasons, and not all of them are due to frustration or the feeling that love is just not meant for us. 

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Sometimes we quit waiting to spare ourselves further pain, or, we quit because we love ourselves too much to wait around for someone else to give us what we give ourselves naturally and easily.

Moon conjunct Pluto is a cold transit that can push us over the edge and depending on what our edge is made of, we may feel the need to end our attachment to finding the perfect mate.

This isn't about being a quitter as that seems to have a negative connotation; rather, the kind of quitting that takes place is more along the lines of a decision to not go forward. It's almost military in its way. 

Today we will make a decision and carry it out as if it were an order — one we give ourselves. Interesting, eh?

Because Moon conjunct Pluto gives us insight into what we want, we are also ready to sacrifice what we no longer need, and today, September 6, is full of the kind of precise thinking that lets us know what we no longer need in our lives if we are to remain happy and productive.

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We need to quit waiting for love to magically appear to complete us. Today we come to realize that there is no such thing as a 'better half' as we are one hundred percent complete 'as is' by ourselves.

These three zodiac signs quit waiting for love during the Moon conjunct Pluto transit that takes place on September 6, 2022.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

If love was easy, you'd be in it every day of your life, and we're not talking about the mental-emotional side here, we are definitely referring to the physical relationship which also implies that there's an actual person to relate to, here.

Being that, for some of you Tauruses, there isn't a person in your life, you don't feel like you have to sweat it.

You're not about to get into that love game again; love will come when it does or it won't. As of today, you are officially off the grid when it comes to waiting for love to show up and make your life worth living.

You do not ascribe to that kind of life; you know how to make yourself happy and with Moon conjunct Pluto in the sky, you'll feel even better about the choices you've made, even if those choices keep you single and on your own. You aren't defined by 'being in love.' You take it as it goes.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You'd have to be online, waiting for love, to be considered as someone who has quit waiting, and being that you're not online and not waiting, you fit right into this transit. You really don't care about fitting in with the rest of the planet's desire to be hooked up with a mate.

You're fine on your own, and if you get to experience love, then great.

And if you don't, then just as great. That's the thing with you, Gemini, you're always good with many options.

This waiting-for-love thing is foolish to you; you watch everyone in your life hoping, praying, and waiting for this ideal love to pop up and you just find that to be time-wasting and a little too 'fantasy' oriented.

Your life is spent living right now, at the moment, and with Moon conjunct Pluto, you're inspired to continue on in your singular way. If your friends need this waiting game in their lives, then good for them, but you know it's not for you.

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3. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Once upon a time, you were all about finding the perfect mate, settling down, and doing all the things that life expects of you. Nowadays, things are different.

You've grown, and you've changed and if at this point you don't have a partner to cling to, then that's just the draw of the cards, my friend and nobody knows and accepts it more than you.

While we have the transit Moon conjunct Pluto in our midst, people like you will feel even stronger about their position as a 'person who has no romantic interest', and trust me, 'we' are legion.

Love is great when it's around and we throw ourselves into it, but it certainly isn't something we need to have when it's not here.

There is no need for you to want more than what you have today, and you get that. You are satisfied 'as is' and you may even decide to quit waiting for something that you're not even that interested in bringing into your life, today.

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