The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During Mercury Retrograde, September 9 - October 2, 2022

When love is going well, so does everything else.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During Mercury Retrograde, September 9 - October 2, 2022 Nikki Zaleweski via Getty Images/lucasazevedodd/abcdefghij_mnopqurstuvwxyz

We've all heard the tales of the renowned and infamous Mercury in retrograde and rarely have we heard how this transit can actually be beneficial to us.

We tend to associate this transit as the one that messes up our communications and gets us in trouble. We find ourselves blaming the retrograde for whatever negativity occurs whenever it's in town, and yet, starting September 9, we may run into Mercury retrograde's 'happier' side.


And what's even better is that this is going to last for a full three weeks until it sees its grand finale on October 2, 2022.

So, how, you may ask, is this transit going to benefit my life?

Well, while we all have a chance to work the magic that is hidden in this transit, certain zodiac signs will be able to take it all the way to the top, which in this case implies that through great communication and direct lines to the heart, we will actually be able to improve on what is already good within the context of our romantic relationships.

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That means, this transit will not disrupt romance, and if we already feel good about the person we are with, we can rest assured that if our zodiac sign is one of the chosen ones, then our relationships will not only remain untouched by the hassle associated with Mercury retrograde, but we will rise above hassles. We will take this time and make the very best out of it.

Everything we've already come to know about the dangers of Mercury retrograde has an opposite side to it. Where communication can become treacherous, it can also be the bridge that joins together opposing points of view.

In other words, between September 9 and October 2, we have the chance to use our brains to bring about major positive change and happiness in our love lives.

The three zodiac signs whose relationships improve during Mercury retrograde starting September 9 - October 2, 2022.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


Your experience of Mercury retrograde may not be as dastardly as it is for your friends, but that's because you happen to be YOU, and you don't ordinarily react the same way as they do when it comes to having to speak your mind in order to get what you want.

During this time, which will expand over a three-week period, you and your partner might have a blow-out argument that leaves you with one choice: fix it now or walk away forever.

Your preference will be to stay and mend the broken bits because if you think about it, this person is the best person you've ever known and there is no way you're going to forfeit the life that you've built together, simply because you've encountered a major argument.

So what? You're Taurus, and you'll bull your way through to the other side! It may be a major test for both of you to come through on this, but there is one thing that is certain — you and your partner love each other enough to get through anything, and I mean ANYTHING.


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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Because it's your birthday season, you've taken on the attitude of "things are going to be wonderful from now on." While Mercury retrograde usually laughs at such a boast, the transit will take a backseat during this time so that you can actually realize your own good intentions and make your life work out, as you want it to.

You have a partner that you argue with you day and night. You've come to think of your relationship as one that stays afloat mainly because of the arguments.

While others may sneer at how you live your life, or how you treat your partner, it doesn't seem as though your partner has any real problem with it, and knowing this, you'll feel like you somehow got away with having a good life, while the rest of the world seems to be stuck, out of love, and in misery.


What the retrograde does for you is that it puts your relationship into perspective for you; you are not 'other couples'. You do things your way, and hey, it seems to work for you. This transit helps you to appreciate what you have, rather than what you are missing.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

During the Mercury retrograde of September, '22, you will witness what you might even think of as a miracle: you and your partner will make the decision to go over every single thing that bothers you about each other with the purpose of making it all work out.


Remember, during any Mercury transit, retrograde or not, we are driven by our thoughts; we can work it all out when Mercury assists us. It has become apparent that your relationship needs some fresh thinking. You have been feeling that things have grown stale and you won't accept that as an ending.

You and your partner may be tired of each other, but this is something that you both easily admit to, and you know why: you're both lazy.

However, during this transit, neither of you will have a problem agreeing to the idea that things need positive improvement, and you will work together towards making your romance one that is based on love, strong communication, and the sincere desire to please the other. Seeds planted in September will become blossoms of love in October.

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