The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Uncomplicated Love During Moon Sextile Uranus On Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Leave your problems behind, please.

Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Uncomplicated During The Moon Sextile Uranus On Tuesday, August 23, 2022 Canva Creative Studio/Pixelshot/Filadendron via Getty Images Signature

On August 23, 2022 during the Moon sextile Uranus, three zodiac signs will come to a final conclusion on August 23, 2022 — they want uncomplicated love in their lives. 

It's easy enough to want to simplify one's own life, especially considering that drama practically follows us whether we invite it in or not. During Moon sextile Uranus, we feel inspired to follow the beat of our own drum, and this path demands simplicity.


We may be very creative or imaginative, and we may want all the love we could possibly get, but there's one thing that becomes quite clear on this day, August 23, 2022, and that is that we want our love lives to be less complicated than it has been in the past. We've learned so many lessons and simplicity in love seems to be the new goal.

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There are certain zodiac signs here today that want what everyone else wants — love, security, loyalty — but do not want the theatrics that comes along with partnerships. We've seen that being in a relationship often comes with complications that we really aren't up for, especially when those complications are about tending to another person's desire to spice things up with the high drama, or tension.

That may be fine for one person, but for us who fall under the sun signs of those who can't grok with this kind of thing, it's just not what we want. We want uncomplicated love stories, not graphic novels.

And so, the pursuit of the easy-going love affair is on. We can work with Moon sextile Uranus and stick with what we want, or we can work against it and fall for the drama and the complexity and the inevitable failure. Let's do ourselves a favor and stick with what we really want: an easy love life without the hassles of complications and drama.

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Three zodiac signs want a love that is uncomplicated starting Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Why can't things be easy? That's your main question today. You feel as though you've finally gotten yourself to the place where you know exactly what makes sense to you, and in love, that means an uncomplicated, drama-free relationship with someone you can trust to remain on course.

Perhaps today makes you feel as though this is too much to ask for, as it seems as though nobody in your life can just relax. Everybody you know is flipping out over this, that, and the other thing, and you don't understand how they can just lose their minds so easily, and so willingly.

It's as if everyone around you is out of control and they somehow want it to be this way. All you want is someone to kick back with, someone to love, without the performance art that comes along with those who crave drama and theatrical mechanics. You are looking for someone to be at peace with; the last thing you want is 'excitement' as you've come to know what that really means.


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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You've had your days in the sun where you needed dramatics and complications in order to know that you are having a fulfilling day. Ah, that was then and this is now, and now, during Moon sextile Uranus, you feel as though you really need to simplify this dealio and fast. It's enough.

You've proven your point to the world, you've gotten the attention you've needed and you've had the relationships that are all show and very little content. Enough with the show. You are no longer interested in 'fun for fun's sake' as that doesn't seem to have a foundation to rest on.


What the past has shown you is exactly what you want to avoid today, and that is the complicated terms and conditions placed upon a romantic relationship. This is not in your interest as you feel you've matured into a person who really wants to refine their life into one that is simpler and easier to live.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Why can't things just be easier, huh, Capricorn? You certainly have shown the world and the people in your life that you are a simple person whose desires can certainly be met easily enough. You don't demand much from your partner and yet, 'demand' is all they seem to have for you.


Your mate wants you to leap through hoops for them, and while, at one point, you took them up on the challenge and showed them that you truly are the greatest and most devoted lover in their world, it's not become a test of patience for you, as you're tired of having to prove yourself to this person again and again.

During Moon sextile, Uranus, this feeling of wanting to hone things down will be all pervasive for you, and you will mention this to your loved one. It's time to stop with the theatrics and get on with real life. Hopefully, you can convince them of this and make it a simple lifestyle choice.

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