The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Sad About Love During The Moon In Capricorn, July 12 - 14, 2022

All the tears.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Sad About Love During The Moon In Capricorn, July 12 - 14, 2022 Davi Moreira on Unsplash

It's easy enough to feel sad about love. All one has to do is think too hard about it, and given enough time, we'll all find something wrong with it, dissatisfying, or not exactly what we wanted, etc.

Depending on what we think we're supposed to be getting out of love is what determines how sad we feel about it.

One of the things that bring out this sadness is practicality; love is so robust and filled with promise — the last thing we need is to make sense of it, as making sense of it generally leads to picking it apart, and that's what happens when we have our Moon in Capricorn.




While this can be a beneficial transit, it tends to push us towards pragmatism. And anyone with any experience with love sooner or later realizes that love doesn't fit into the world of pragmatism.

We can try to make it fit; we can do our best to make sense of the why's and how's and who's, but all we'll get out of that is either confusion or disappointment. Once we open our minds to the onslaught of memories, break-ups, failed beginnings and the like, we leave ourselves feeling sad, and a bit wasted.


On July 12 through July 14, 2022, a few of us will indeed plunge down that rabbit hole only to find ourselves feeling mopey, weepy and melancholic about love and how it's affected our lives personally.

We want to heal and grow. We even want to be in new relationships; we don't want to fail at love, even though it's hard to win.

Still, we persist, fall in love, and take that chance. For some zodiac signs, today might be a sad day filled with memories, grudges and all the hopeless little mind games we can give ourselves.

Find out which three zodiac signs are sad during the Moon in Capricorn July 12 - 14, 2022 below.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You know that all is fair in love and war, and you've done your time on that battlefield. You really had good intentions, and you always wanted the love of your own, except it didn't work out the way you wanted it to. You did get to have experience, and you did get to play the role of a dedicated partner. Yet, you feel down about everything as if you've somehow been passed over.


What you're really doing is taking the power of the Moon in Capricorn to feed your need to compare yourself to everyone around you. To the outside gaze, it looks like everyone around you is deeply in love and hooked up with these wonderful, perfect relationships and here you are, counting the days until the next big nothing happens.

You are hurting yourself by comparing your life to the life of someone else. Do not assume everyone is jumping up and down for joy with their love life; you are mature and smart enough to know that everything comes with giving and take. Hang in there, Gemini. It's just a sad day, and you'll rise above it very shortly.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)


What you may experience today, Cancer is that sense of deep disappointment. As this is also your birthday season, you can't help but want to be special; you can't shake that feeling that somehow things haven't really worked out for you as you wanted them to, and of course, this has to do with love.

Today you will separate yourself from the rest of everyone so you can be alone, in your funky mood. You know it will pass, but right now, you're content to feel down, as if it were some weird kind of masochistic indulgence.

And it is. But, it is yours, and you have the right to feel whatever you feel because it's your life, and you need to process things on your own time. The Moon in Capricorn makes you get in touch with all the realities that today, you'd prefer not to look at.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

There's something about Capricorn energy that tends to disturb you, Aquarius, and that's because it challenges your sense of self; you define yourself by what goes on inside your head, and you rarely like to give that space over to things that are Capricorn-related, like practical matters, work issues, doing things that are 'down to earth.' And because you are so cerebral, you can't help but fall under the spell of lunar events.

This one, the Moon in Capricorn, have you looking directly at things you'd rather not pay attention to, like your love life. Ordinarily, you don't care if you fit into the 'successful partner in a well-rounded romantic relationship category.' You just do what you do and don't care what others think.


But you can't escape your main judge today because that judge is you. This event has you look at yourself as if you have somehow failed to be a 'normal' human. Even though you know that's absurd, you can't help but feel sad and down about the whole thing anyway.

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