The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships Starting Friday, July 1, 2022

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zodiac signs fall out love end relationships Friday July 1 2022

As they say, "it happens." Well, maybe those aren't the exact words, but it's true when it comes to falling out of love. It does happen, and for some reason, every zodiac sign questions it when it does.

Falling in love provides such an adrenaline rush that it gives us the idea that what we've found in this other person is not only what we need, but what we need to last forever.

We put so much importance of the idea of falling in love that when it does eventually happen to us, we are stunned when suddenly we don't feel the same as we did when it all began.

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It's time to give ourselves — and others, a break. I've heard people say things like, "How could he just *stop* being in love with me?" Well, he could, that's why.

Not trying to sound glib, but when we expect people to be in love with us forever, we set ourselves up for a big disappointment, because sometimes being in love doesn't last.

In fact, most times it doesn't last. When will we get this into our heads? The really starling moment, however, is when we are the ones who notice a change in our own feeling towards another. How did WE fall out of love, when WE were so in love at one point.

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Because we're human. We fall out of love because we can't keep up certain feelings ad infinitum. We fall out of love because the universe reminds us that there are other things to do.

We fall out of love because we fall IN love with other people. And on and on. We're just not reliable on that level.

During Mars square Pluto on July 1, 2022, we may just notice that we, too, have fallen out of love with our life partners.

Pluto energy taps into our hidden dissatisfactions and exploits them, and that is how today brings forth the idea that maybe we really aren't in love anymore and that maybe it's time to end a relationship.

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The three zodiac signs who fall out of love during Mars square Pluto starting Friday, July 1, 2022: 

1.  Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

The trouble with transits like Mars square Pluto is that they open our eyes to things we may not want to look at. In your case, it would be your love life.

There's nothing wrong with the person you are with, in fact, they may just be terrific, but that spark that brought you together? It's out. It's ... non-existent. And it troubles you because you didn't want to be the one to feel this.



You wanted your love to be the champion of all loves, but at some point you started to lose feelings for your partner. Yes, they're nice and wonderful but, you need more and you're unable to find it in this person.

The fires of passion have died and now all you have is this...nice person who is definitely your friend but nothing much more. You don't want to spice up your intimate life because you have no interest in having an intimate life with them. 

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You were in love for a short time and you figured you'd go with it, to see where it took you. Now you've come to realize that it took you into a deeply committed relationship that you came to depend on.

You have always loved the person you are with, and as you hear your friends talk about how 'in love' they are with their person, you feel like maybe you've missed the boat.

Because of Mars square Pluto, you might start to compare your own love life to that of others, only to find out that either they are lying about their great love, or, you're not feeling the same as they do.

Opting for the latter, you'll discover that you are quite bored with the person you are supposed to be in love with, and that's when the reality of the situation kicks in: you're no longer in love, but you're still with them.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Of all the signs, you are perhaps the most tuned into your own emotions. Some might even call you self-indulgent, but in reality, it's just you knowing who you are and not settling for another's description.

Today, July 1, during Mars square Pluto, has you coming to terms with another new truth in your life: you're no longer in love.

You have flat out fallen out of love with the person who only a few weeks ago may have been the love of your life. One might call you 'fickle' but that's not the case, is it, Aquarius?



Whatever happened to make you fall out of love wasn't dramatic, nor are you taking it in a dramatic way.

No, in fact, you acknowledge your feelings as real and you prepare yourself to move on. You don't believe there's anything wrong with falling out of love and so you act accordingly.

You're not cold, cruel or heartless; You're just human and you know what you feel.

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