15 Painful Signs You Or Your Partner Is Falling Out Of Love

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signs you or partner falling out of love

Love is hard, no ifs, and's, or buts about it. And whether you're in a short-term or long-term relationship, there may be a point where you begin to fall out of love with your partner.

There are a few things you may notice when the honeymoon phase wears off and you begin to become disenchanted in your relationship — the way they snore, where they leave their socks, and definitely that awful nervous tick they have.

But if you put in the work, there are ways the relationship may be able to be salvaged and you can fall back in love

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Here are a few subtle ways to know if you're falling out of love — and some ideas for how to fix it.

1. Communication is lacking

When you begin falling out of love, you both unconsciously and consciously start communicating less. It's often the first sign you are beginning to fall out of love, as you stop sharing your true feelings with your loved one.

How to fix it: 

Catching yourself and making a conscious effort to begin communicating again could help this. Therapy may also be an option if this has been going on for a while.

2. "You" not "we" matter most now

When you begin putting "me" before "we," there is a clear sign that something is missing in your relationship.

How to fix it:

Taking steps to get back into including your partner in activities and things that you want to do solo may allow you to fall back in love with them. Additionally, creating more "we" moments can also rekindle the romance. Switching your mentality back from making "me" decisions to "we" decisions can also aid in this process.

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3. Your intimacy is nonexistent 

Once you realize you've not had sex for an extended amount of time — and it's not just one of those dry spells that happen when life gets busy — you may begin to realize that you're not as into your partner as you once were.

How to fix it: 

Talking this out is the first step. Then see if switching things up by trying new positions or incorporating sex toys helps bring the spark back.

4. Time together dwindles

While this could be literal time together beginning to lessen, it could also mean the time you have together is less . . . well, interactive. If you're on your phone and they are playing video games or watching a movie, you may be miles apart in the same room.

How to fix it: 

Try to carve out more intimate time, like date nights or an unplugged hour. Sometimes you just have to schedule quality time together to make it happen.

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5. You're not craving closeness

At the beginning of a relationship, the cuddles and sweet, stolen kisses are things you may not be able to get enough of. While it's normal for this to wane as the relationship progresses — and it does — if you're not craving closeness at all, it could definitely mean you are falling out of love.

How to fix it: 

Making more time for snuggles and even just holding hands are two small ways to reignite the fire.

6. Seeing your partner isn't fun anymore

The butterflies are gone, and the feelings of dread, exasperation, or boredom are creeping in. In this case, time apart may be the best medicine. A few days — or even a week or two — apart may be just what you need.

How to fix it: 

Spending time alone without having to see them may make you realize how much you miss them and bring the butterflies back where they belong.

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7. Your social life is picking up again

You may be spending more time out of the house or away from your partner in an effort to avoid them. Saturdays begin being for your friends again instead of swanky date nights or even Netflix and chilling.

How to fix it: 

Make an effort to spend more time together or schedule date nights to see if it helps bring back those loving feelings.

8. The future is bleak

You find yourself thinking of or mentioning the future less and less. Whether marriage plans were in the works or you were just looking forward to a fun vacation, you've stopped bringing them up. Emotionally pulling away and not looking forward to things is definitely a telltale sign you are falling out of love.

How to fix it: 

Bringing those discussions back — and maybe even executing one of the future activities you discussed — may be the key to opening each others' hearts again.

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9. Distance doesn't make the heart grow fonder

While you have spent some days or weeks apart, not missing your partner after being apart is a clear sign you are beginning to fall out of love.

How to fix it: 

Planning a weekend trip together may help to bring you closer together and make you want to fall in love all over again.

10. Fighting is the new normal

When you've found yourselves in a fighting routine, whether it's on a daily or weekly basis, it may be a sign you are falling out of love with your partner. But knowing what you're fighting about it one of the keys to falling back in love. Are you picking fights because you want a way out? Are you really angry with them?

How to fix it: 

Stepping back and analyzing why you're fighting can help you figure out if you want to make it work or not.

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11. You have your eye on someone else

You are no longer looking at your significant other the way you used to. In fact, you may not even be looking at them at all. Instead, you're looking at just about anyone else who strikes your fancy. Once you realize you're doing this, it can be an issue.

How to fix it:

Catching yourself and reminding yourself as to what caught your eye about your partner in the first place may be one way to fall back in love with them.

12. Trust is an issue

Whether you found something or just want to find something, there is a serious lack of trust. Not wanting to trust your partner or looking to find something that will get you off the relationship hook is definitely a sign you're falling out of love.

However, fixing trust may be a struggle:

Therapy is one of the best ways to do this, but even just taking a step back and realizing that you're trying to sabotage your relationship may help you take steps to heal your relationship.

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13. You realize there is more

Your goals have changed. Your hobbies have changed. Your desire to have adventures (or not) has changed. Beginning to realize there is more outside your relationship — and not wanting your partner to be a part of things — is a sign you're falling out of love.

How to fix it: 

Try including your partner in your plans or asking them to get involved in choosing activities to see if your partner is still who you want to experience your dreams with.

14. Your friends start asking questions

Your friends have been there for the extent of your relationship: the fights, the makeups, and the bliss. However, your friends have realized that something just isn't right. Maybe you're not happy and it shows or maybe you're complaining about your partner more consistently or aggressively. When your friends start asking questions, it may signal that you're falling out of love with your partner.

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How to fix it:

While this may be hard to combat, it may be a really important indicator for you to realize something is up in your relationship. But tapping into your friend group about what has changed or what you may be missing could help you take steps to fix what's broken.

15. You just know

Your gut is the biggest indicator for just about everything in your life, from taking a new job opportunity to knowing you are falling out of love. And, at the end of the day, your gut is going to know what it takes to fix your relationship. From a few date nights to an intense therapy session, listening to your gut is the very first stop on the roller coaster of love.

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