The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Tell Their Secrets During The South Node In Scorpio Starting May 16, 2022

Keeping a secret is energy-draining.

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What is known about transits like the South Node in Scorpio is that during its course, we will feel inspired to clear the air.

Which three zodiac signs tell their secrets during the South Node in Scorpio starting May 16, 2022?

If there are secrets that we've been keeping, we may find a need to rid ourselves of the burden of hiding them.

As we all know, lies that are told to ensure someone never finds out about our secret need reinforcement, which means having to keep track of what we say — all the time.


The entire process of keeping a secret is energy-draining, and oftentimes the beginning of our own downfall.

If we live to keep a secret, then our lives revolve around making sure that secret is safe because as they say, secrets have a way of rising to the surface.


Vigilance is needed when we keep secrets, and that is just way too much work during the South Node in Scorpio.

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The brilliant part about this transit is that, if we finally decide to share our secret, we no longer have to carry it around. Its importance becomes lesser and as we shed that unwanted, burdensome 'weight', we free ourselves in the process.

And that is how the South Node in Scorpio retrograde helps us on our journey to be better, freer people.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Stop Keep Secrets From Their Loved Ones While The South Node Is In Scorpio Starting May 16, 2022

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


There's a good reason to celebrate the South Node in Scorpio, and that is because you will finally get the chance to unload your long-kept secret, in a safe environment, where you will be accepted and made to feel loved.

Secret-keeping is known to you; you have a few ghosts in the closet and they've been rattling the door for way too long.

The thing is, while your secret is precious to you, and keeping it all these years was something you found to be vital to your own existence, you've ended up making a way too big a deal about it, and so you will be surprised to know that when you expose your secret, nobody will balk.

People have private matters; not everything is for public consumption.


The South Node in Scorpio is here for you to unburden yourself. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You know that you have a secret and you know that you no longer wish to keep it. But you are so afraid that if people knew what your secret was that they'd flee in terror from even the thought of you.

That's what happens with secrets; they create an ego of their own, where the secret itself becomes more important than the person who keeps them.

During South Node in Scorpio, you will get the inspiration to just come out with it. It's now or never in your book and you will somehow muster up the courage to just let it out.


What you will find is that, while your secret may shock and stun people in your life, it will not change anything if people know what's going on.

In fact, setting your secrets free might just bring you closer to the people who really care about you. You show them respect by letting them in your truth.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Your secrets are of a personal nature. You feel that to let others in on them would be to reveal too much about yourself, thus creating a space of profound vulnerability — and that is something you do not want.


The reason you have never shared your secret or secrets is that you feel as though you'd be left unshielded, and therefore, people could harm you, as people are known to do when they have the leverage of holding someone's vulnerability in their hands.

Then again, you will be very influenced by the South Node in Scorpio, and you may just feel that this is the right time to take that chance and let it all out.

The South Node in Scorpio brings the Big Reveal, as magicians say. It may make you flinch as you expose your truths to someone, but once it's out of your system, you'll feel a true breath of fresh air take over. Freedom awaits, Sagittarius. Let it all go.

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