3 Zodiac Signs Who Confidence In Love Grows During The Moon In Virgo Starting April 12, 2022

Bye-bye fears.

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There comes a point in everyone's life, where they either step up to the plate when it comes to love, or they sit back and watch everything that wants blow away like dust in the wind.

To participate in life and in love, one must have a certain degree of confidence; we can't always depend on things falling into our laps — we have to make those things fall, which means we have to participate.

We have to believe that our participation is worthy and effective, and we can count on transits like Moon in Virgo to help us redeem ourselves in confidence.


Love will pass us by if we don't speak up. Love will not wait for us if we don't let it know that we are here. This is a world of action; that is the essential meaning of 'karma' - we need to participate.

We need to act. Life isn't about meditating in a loincloth until we die; it's about being alive. Being there. Being here. In the now. And when the now moment concerns itself with love, that means others are involved, which means we need to take action ... now.


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Moon in Virgo works on our emotional state by prying open the doors so that we can see exactly what it is that we have to do in order to bring that love to us.

We come to know that if we do not show up for love, love passes us by, which definitely puts the pressure on us to act. But that's life, and life comes with the pressure to act.

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And in this case, if we can summon up the confidence it takes to attract a love into our lives, then we will be met with universal approval. If we make the move, the universe will see this as a positive action, and all will fall into place henceforth.


So, these three zodiac signs whose confidence in love grows during the Moon In Virgo, feel it the most.

And that's why, starting April 12, 2022, everything changes for Gemini, Virgo, and Libra.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You know exactly how hard it is to be a Gemini, and it's shown up in your life as a rock-hard inability to make decisions, especially when firm decisions need to be made.

You have missed so many opportunities due to this inability to make up your mind, and so much of it falls back on the idea that you lack confidence; you simply don't trust yourself enough to count on a decision that you've made.

And so, you've missed the boat many times. Here, you are being given another chance to do yourself right, as Moon in Virgo lets you see that, with proper analysis, you could actually be heading into something very special with someone you feel love towards.


This is your big op, Gemini, and you might want to take it. The days of waiting it out are over for you; it's time to join the living. Enjoy the feeling of confidence; it looks GREAT on you!

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You don't know if you have false confidence, or real confidence, because every time you let someone know that you feel a certain lovey-dovey way towards them, it's been an act of impulse.

You, as someone who loves to analyze and examine, can be somewhat slow to the game.

You've held back and missed great opportunities, and in doing so, you've taken on the exact opposite, in terms of how you approach love: you either stand back and miss out, or you impulsively leap in and figure it all out while you're there.


During Moon in Virgo, you will have a chance to experience real confidence, and when it comes to love and romance, this will be the perfect opportunity for you to express how you feel without the fear of coming off like a fool. That's what's stopped you in the past; don't let it get in your way this time, Virgo.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Moon in Virgo works on your sense of self-esteem, and while you are one of the most secure signs of the Zodiac, you tend to fall short when it comes to love, and how much you believe in yourself in that department.


You are a very confident person, but making the connection to another person is still hard for you, and so you've ended up faking entire relationships.

What's working for you this time around is that it seems as though you've learned some valuable lessons from past relationships, and you may just be ready to take on a new one.

This also means that you have changed for the better. You are ready to bring a new side of yourself to the table, so to speak, and that side is confident and secure.

You feel ready and able to handle yourself properly, and because you no longer wish for failure, you are now ready to succeed in love. Good for you!

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