3 Zodiac Signs Whose Confidence In Love Grows During The Sun Conjunct Neptune Starting March 13, 2022

We're so tired of letting love go.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Confidence In Love Grows During The Sun Conjunct Neptune Starting March 13, 2022 Zoran Zeremski/Shutterstock.com

"Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh..."

So said Dr. Frank-N-Furter of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, while floating in a pool, (dressed in lingerie) blissfully. He must have been under the influence of Sun Conjunct Neptune, because that kind of attitude only develops in those who are confident and secure in their love lives. And if anyone was ever secure in their love life, it was Frankie.


Sun Conjunct Neptune is the kind of transit that gives us the edge. It also gives us a strange version of confidence, in so much as it weakens our resolve.

This means we are less inclined to fight off love, fend for our lives, or deprive ourselves of something wonderful. We want to fall in love during this transit, mainly because we're so tired of letting love go, only to regret it in the long run.

Sun Conjunct Neptune inspires a need to feel carefree. Being human is so difficult sometimes that we need to lighten our loads, and one way to do so is by letting things just happen, rather than trying to control them.


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That's how we allow new love into our lives. We trust in the process and give ourselves over to the wave of love that could be ours if we show up for it.

And so, there are three signs of the Zodiac who will be more than ready for this kind of abandon. Letting go of the ego is a life-changing experience. And sometimes, when we let go, we get it ALL in return. Oh universe, you sure are a funny one.


Such wonderful news for the 3 zodiac signs whose confidence in love grows during the Sun conjunct Neptune starting March 13, 2022.

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You've been battered and bruised by love and it's turned you into a block of ice, which would be just fine with you if being a block of ice didn't feel so isolated and removed.

You've sworn off love, but if you are to be honest with yourself, you kind of miss the stuff. While you want to be loved again, you don't want the hassle or the grief that tends to come with it, and in your experience, that's all you've ever really received from it: grief.

Still in all, you're a human being and you need love. Plus, you're not ready to just stop, completely.


Sun Conjunct Neptune opens your heart to a new way of thinking: Love on your own terms. This inspires you. If you can adopt this new attitude towards love, you might be able to have exactly what you want from it in the future. Worth a try, Aries.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Sun Conjunct Neptune brings out a side of you that is both compassionate and wary. You've been burnt by love, yet you haven't become hardened by it.

There is someone in your life that you are interested in, but you've avoided 'going for it' because you fear they will hurt you because, on some level, you believe that's inevitable.


Still, this person isn't presenting any kind of promise of doom to you, and you feel drawn in by them. That feeling will soon turn into an irresistible pull and you'll make the decision to stand tall in your shoes and 'go for it.'

Your feeling, thanks to Sun Conjunct Neptune, will be one of confidence and security; you will feel as though you have this one life to live, and what are you waiting for? Love isn't going to wait for you, and so why not just leap in? Risks have been known to pay off.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

For the longest time, you've felt torn about love. Is it something wondrous and inspiring, or is it just a hole one falls into where they lose themselves in the process?


You really don't have much faith in love, but you've never said 'no' to it. And when you do get on board with the idea that maybe this time will be the right time, you throw yourself in, hook, line, and sinker.

During Sun Conjunct Neptune, you will follow through on this kind of thinking, and you will actively pursue, with full confidence, the person you have in mind.

You're not the person who wants to wait, nor do you have the patience. You want what you want now, and because you have gained so much confidence over the last few years, you walk into a situation that is unsure, and you make it work.

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