3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During The Moon Square Jupiter Starting March 23, 2022

Fresh starts.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During The Moon Square Jupiter Starting March 23, 2022 By Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

There are two transits today that can help a broken relationship mend itself. Those transits are Moon in Sagittarius and Moon square Jupiter.

With these two transits under one's belt, it's pretty much a done deal to think that two people who have split up may reconcile once again.

This breakup may have been abrupt and created from the high drama. Sometimes that happens.

Two people have a fight, which escalates into something neither person wants.


Pride stands in the way, and before we know it, everybody's in their own separate corner, refusing to kiss and make up.

If this leads to an actual breakup, often, both parties really aren't ready for it, and so begins the regret...and the longing.

Moon in Sagittarius and Moon square Jupiter bring the same thing: optimism and hope. You just can't feel hopeless with these two transits around.

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And if you've had it in mind to reconcile with the person you split up with this may just be your chance.

In fact, getting back together with an ex is possible, especially if you're one of the 3 zodiac signs on March 23, 2022.

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You know in your heart that you were never supposed to let this pseudo 'breakup' go this far, yet pride stood in both of your ways, and now here you are — without each other and feeling every second of it.

Talks are in the air; you want to get back together, but you don't want to risk another blowout, and so you've both agreed to set the tone for proper communication.

Because you work so well with Moon square Jupiter's energy-wash, you feel as though you are ready to start over with your personality, and they seem just about ready to begin again with you. There's a great chance here that this reconciliation will work.


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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

The Luckiest Day Of The Year For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022As much as you'd like to think of yourself as completely independent and capable of being on your own, the truth is that you have never felt quite settled in without your ex.

The two of you were so good together, and you find yourself living in the past, thinking of them every day — even though so much drama and the pain went down between you.

Still in all, you know this person loves you to the very day and wishes to reconcile with you if you'd only agree to it. You might not be able to help but agree during Moon square Jupiter, as it broadens the horizon by which you judge things.


You'll also judge this, and the conclusion will be to get back together. Good luck with this.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Moon square Jupiter is pure Sagittarius magic, and it's a place where you prefer to be, meaning you like the idea of being positive and enthusiastic about the future. You've been in such a funk since you, and your ex-partner broke up, and in a way, you've started to believe that they are responsible for your happiness.


You've made such an impression on them, too, and they crave your company, especially during this transit. You and this ex will agree to a meeting, which may turn into a reconciliation. You make each other happy.

If only you could stop making each other so sad. Might be worth a try, eh?

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