3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During Moon Trine Mercury Starting February 19 - 20, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During Moon Trine Mercury Starting February 19 - 20, 2022

Sometimes we love someone who does not deserve it, and for three zodiac signs who fall in love with the wrong person, that is the sad case starting February 19 - 20, 2022.

Moon trine Mercury enables us to say the right thing at the right time, but this doesn't necessarily mean that we'll be saying this to the right person.

We may feel very adamant about what we are trying to convey, and we may hear the cheers and applause in our minds, but the person that we'll be 'convincing' may very well be the worst person to share our information with.

Now, place this miscommunication into the 'new love' zone, and what we have is the idea of falling for someone who is absolutely the wrong person.

In short, Moon trine Mercury will be making fools out of us, for the sake of love and romance. We will embarrass ourselves for love, and we will walk away feeling like idiots.

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Hey, look at it this way — human beings are already idiots, so 'turning into' an idiot is really just redundant and somewhat expected.

But where love is concerned, we get to top that idiocy with a greater level of stupidity during Moon trine Mercury as we insist on falling for the wrong person.

3 zodiac signs who fall for the wrong person during the Moon trine Mercury starting February 19 - 20, 2022


(March 21 - April 19)

In your mind, it's impossible to think of rejection. You see yourself as the grand seducer, capable of capturing the heart and soul of anyone you set your sights upon. And now, here's someone who catches your eye, and what do you know? They are both completely gorgeous and utterly unavailable.

Not only that, they don't want you, and they've made it known. You like to think of this as 'the chase.' And so, during Moon trine Mercury, you will deceive yourself with the idea that this person who basically can't stand you, is probably really in love with you. Now, that's deluded, Aries. Face the facts: this person is wrong for you. Stop before you start.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Even though you know, deep down in your heart, that the person you really want does not want you, you're still willing to bet that at some point or another, they'll come around. You've been in love with this person for years and it's never worked out, nor has it ever had a chance to, especially because this person is with someone else.

You don't believe that they love the person they are with, because you have convinced yourself — yet again, that they really love you and that they just need their time. Leo, this person is never going to come through for you. They may be a good person who is worthy of your great love, but they are not 'your' person.

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(August 23 - September 22)

The last thing on earth that you wanted to be a part of is the idea of falling for the wrong person. And yet, voila! Here is it, your person of interest, and your reaction to them. You like to flirt with them, and while that is all fun and excitement, you know deep down that you should avoid taking this any further.

This person is not for you, nor will they ever be. They are probably partnered, as are you. Who needs the drama of starting something up that could only be slated for disaster? Do yourself a favor, Virgo — back off now before this turns into a mess of broken hearts and misunderstood intentions.

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