3 Zodiac Signs Who Finally Get Closure From Heartache During The Moon In Gemini Starting February 10, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Finally Get Closure From Heartache During The Moon In Gemini Starting February 10, 2022

Three zodiac signs finally get closure from heartache, and on February 10, 2022, emotions start to mend.

Moon in Gemini is a helpful transit as it gives us the ability to figure things out and make sense of them.

Mental understanding is sharpened on Thursday. We generally take on a sense of confidence, trust our decision-making, and do not feel hesitant about acting on our own intuition.

One of the things we all share in life is how we hold on to heartbreak. Unfortunately, some of us let heartbreak take us so far down that we hardly recognize our own selves after a while.

But during the Moon in Gemini, many of us will come to realize that carrying around this heartache gets us nowhere.

So it may be time to change all that, especially for Libra, Cancer, and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Closure doesn't come to us. We create it for ourselves. So if we are waiting around for an apology, we have to accept that we may not get one, nor may we get ANYTHING we want from whoever caused us such grief in the first place. 

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Closure happens when the stars line up just right, and in the case of the Moon in Gemini, it's happening right now. Closure occurs when we realize that our lives are short and don't want to give the pain another second of our time.

3 zodiac signs who finally get closure from heartache during the Moon in Gemini starting February 10, 2022


(June 21 - July 22) 

You can fully own up to whatever you did to create the unsavory circumstance you're living in now. But, because of Moon in Gemini, you are now ready to leave it all behind. This heartbreak has taken way too much out of you, and what have you got to show for it? 

Years lost, time wasted, nerves frayed, and for what? Nothing. This transit puts the futility of this heartbreak in the forefront of your mind to jump-starts the feeling of completion.

There is no longer a space for this pain. You see this clearly now, and you are ready to move forward. The human race needs you, Cancer. We need your love and your goodness. No more pain for you.

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(September 23 - October 22) 

The fact that you are someone who has suffered from deep emotional heartbreak is something you've tried to keep on the down-low.

You don't show your heart to people, mainly because you're so triggered by past heartbreaks that you'd instead not display this kind of raw vulnerability. 

You simply don't want to be taken advantage of because you know how giving you can be, and you have seen what heartbreak has done to you.

During Moon In Gemini, you'll have a chance to see it all very clearly, and you'll recognize your term of heartbreak as self-imposed imprisonment.

You are the one to give yourself closure now. You will do it the moment you realize that it's up to you and you alone to do so.

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(November 22 - December 21) 

If only closure was that simple. If only. You suffer the sin of attachment; you are so tied to someone that you have made yourself a part of them. You can't let go of them because you believe you can't, that it's not right, that it would be impossible to let go of this particular person. 

Yet, all they've given you is heartbreak, and should you continue on, that's all you'll ever get from them. Moon In Gemini lets you see this from a different perspective. 

You realize that the years are just flying by and that you don't want to lose it all just to uphold some kind of slavish loyalty to an idea of betrayal. What the heck, Sagittarius? Let it go. This attachment is ruining your life. Walk away. Get on the Moon In Gemini bus now.

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