3 Zodiac Signs Who Don't Want To Be Single During Venus Conjunct Mars Starting February 6, 2022

We want love and someone to hold.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Don't Want To Be Single During Venus Conjunct Mars Starting February 6, 2022 Joeprachatree/Shutterstock.com

Here's an interesting tidbit to know about Venus conjunct Mars It makes us feel very strongly about wanting to be loved and appreciated. 

While we all know that Venus transits will push us into thoughts about love and romance, when Venus conjunct Mars, we're looking at some very passionate opinions on the topic.

This also translates as a feeling of enormous self-confidence, which in turn, becomes a desire to be 'seen'.


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When we feel good about ourselves, we want others to notice how great we are, and if we are single during this transit, we may feel a bit lonely, because the truth is, we really want to be with someone special.

The single life is great...until it isn't. And what constitutes as 'not great' is when we get it into our heads that it would be better if we were with someone. 

We compare our lives to the lives of others and before we know it. We think it's better to be in love than to be single. That's called a head trip, and Venus conjunct Mars specializes in head trips.


3 Zodiac Signs Who Don't Want To Be Single During Venus Conjunct Mars Starting February 6, 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

You never want to be single, which is why you've somehow arranged for your life to be one where there's always someone around to be in a relationship with.

And yet, here you are, not exactly happy in the relationship you're in and ready to get out of it, once again. 

Being single will allow you all that freedom to wander and explore, and you hate every single minute of it. Venus conjunct Mars will not let you lie to yourself; that's its secret weapon. 

You're going to have to face the fact that you are, indeed, single, that it's NOT so bad, and that you're amazing on your own. Try it out, Aries. It's not as bad as you've imagined.


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(August 23 - September 22)

The last thing you ever want in this world is to be alone, without a partner, without a balancing agent in your life. Single doesn't happen to you — and yet, here you are, single and worried. 

Venus conjunct Mars plays on that worry, making you feel as though you should be doing more. If you worry enough about this, you'll throw yourself into that horrible game people play where they try to impress others with their looks, or their bank accounts. 

Being in a relationship is only something you THINK you want, but the compromise of being in one always takes way too much of a toll on you. Does it matter? Nah. You'll torture yourself over being single during this transit. It's just who you are.


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(January 20 - February 18)

You couldn't care less about being single, but you do want a partner to help you take some of the burdens. You're not in this for love, and you're completely honest with yourself about it. 


You need the help. You need a helping hand, and during Venus conjunct Mars, you will start to freak out a little simply because you have way too many harsh and very real responsibilities and no one to help you out. 

So, being 'single' really doesn't work for you, and the fact that you haven't been able to change that status in a while may really start to bug you. You don't want to be single, yet you don't really care about romance. It's a quandary, but it's yours to deal with.

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