3 Zodiac Signs Who Give Up On Love During Mercury Conjunction Saturn Starting January 10, 2022

Love is not worth it for these signs.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Give Up On Love During Mercury Conjunction Saturn Starting January 10, 2022 Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock.com

We have a curious transit ahead of us, and that is Mercury conjunction Saturn, which starts on January 10, 2022.

What makes this so interesting is that it directly addresses our personal needs and makes them stand out in our minds as priority items.

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While we all love being in a relationship and having a so-called 'love life' we are not always well suited to live this kind of lifestyle, and being single has always come with its ridiculous stigma, that being that a person isn't complete until they are defined by another — a lover.


Over the years, there is a consciousness that's changed that perception, as more and more folks realize that it's OK to not be partnered. In fact, it's quite popular!

Some people simply do not have the stamina to keep up; it's just too much work and the risk of having one's heartbroken again and again doesn't seem inviting any longer; oh how we change as we grow.

And so, during Mercury conjunction Saturn, certain signs of the Zodiac will admit certain liberating truths to themselves, one of them being that this love thing? It ain't all it's cracked up to be. It's time to give up and it's nobody else's business if you do.


3 Zodiac Signs Who Give Up On Love During Mercury Conjunction Saturn Starting January 10, 2022


(July 23 - August 22)

One of the reasons you're about to give up on love is because you've put a lot of thought into it: this isn't working for you. Saturn's influence arouses in you both a negative feeling towards love and relationship and a need to structure your life in such a way that you aren't reliant upon another person for love or attention.

And while you love to be loved and tended to your personal experience of the whole matter always ends up in either mediocrity or heartbreak.

And honestly, you're tired of both. If you could have the perfect love life, you'd opt for that in a NY minute, but wouldn't everyone? But really, who has the perfect love life? Mercury conjunction Saturn is the fast track out of this kind of cyclical torment.


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(October 23 - November 21)

Plainly put, you're tired of it all. Love, the effort it takes to keep this thing going, and the lies you've told yourself about 'how happy you are.' This is not the 'bring out the happiness' transit, oh no.

In fact, Mercury conjunction Saturn works your last nerve and has the capability of sending you down a long road, deep in thought, where your conclusion will end up being that not only are you tired of it all, you're walking away from it, as well in terms of love, that is.

You're starting to feel like love is a scam, and while that isn't exactly encouraging for the future, you simply wish to live in peace. And if peace is defined by giving up on love, at this point in your life, then so be it. You're the one living your life, not someone else. You do you, Scorpio.


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(January 20 - February 18)

Self-respect and a great sense of self-esteem are what's going to have you protecting yourself during Mercury conjunction Saturn.

This is a serious and harsh transit that can upset many people; we are so addicted to the idea of love that we forget how much work it takes just to keep it alive and thriving.


While you've considered that maybe you're just not cut out for that kind of labor, you're starting to move over to the side where it's just not worth the effort any longer.

It's not like you shrivel up and die simply because you've given up, in fact for you, Aquarius, giving up on love might just afford you the freedom and creativity that you've lost. You need the space and only you can give it to yourself.

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