3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On January 11, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On January 11, 2022

Under the Taurus Moon today we will be guided to reflect on how we care for and love ourselves so that we can have the energy and capacity for others in our life.  

While we see the two transits that began yesterday peak today, the energy will be very different under the Taurus Moon.  

Yesterday brought a combination of both light and darkness, but today we’re drawing inward being guided to spend the day nurturing and caring for ourselves.  

The Taurus Moon is a return to our physical body.  

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This means that we’re going to be more aware of how recent situations have affected us and what we need in order to move not just through them but forward.  

Today could be a quiet day. 

It may mean that we cancel plans or schedule a last-minute facial or massage. While the universe may be asking us to do some deep reflection and work on our dreams, the Moon is slowing us down, asking us to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves.  

Taurus Moon’s also always have a way of bringing more romantic or loving vibes in as well, so it may be the night for some quality time with our partner or even a new love interest especially if we’ve been busy lately. 

Even this can serve as self-care because those relationships which truly feel comforting also have a way of nurturing us and our energy.  

While there still may be some noise around the Sun sextile Neptune and Mars square Neptune that began yesterday, today feels as if we can put off anything that we’re not ready for.  

Because even in the quiet of rest can growth still occur.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 11, 2022 


(April 20 - May 20) 

With the Moon in your sign today nothing will seem like it’s that big of a deal. This means that you will feel a greater peace with your life and where you are right now. It doesn’t mean that everything isn’t figured out or that there still won’t be things to tend to another day, but for right here and right now, you are at peace.

This is a welcomed energy as Uranus moving through your sign has brought and will continue to bring many changes, but even within the midst of chaos quiet can be found. Use today, even if that means not doing much of anything.

Listen to your body and what it needs, whether it’s greater rest or even something as simple as a bath or a movie night with friends, although romance maybe more on your mind tonight. Let yourself be guided by taking care of yourself as you care for others because this will give you the strength to continue to move forward with the changes that are taking place in your life.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

With two transits today affecting your seventh house of relationships you may start to realize that it’s the relationship with yourself that you need to work on.

When you’re going through a big year as you are just beginning to, making sure that you’re taking care of yourself needs to be a top priority. Even if it’s come easy in the past, it’s not something that we can take for granted or even become lax on bringing awareness to.

With the Taurus Moon today you’ll be feeling more reflective and quieter as you process how you’ve been showing up for yourself in the midst of all the changes that you’ve been moving through.

Remember that in order to get the best from life, you need to show up as your best self. If you haven’t been getting the rest or sleep you’ve needed, today may even involve that.

While relationship dynamics may be knocking at your door for attention, remember that protecting your peace is something that is necessary too, and doesn’t feel obligated to address something just because it’s presented itself. Part of self-care is deciding when and how you’re ready to face all that life offers you.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

As the Taurus Moon lights up your seventh house of relationships, you may be craving more alone time with your special someone as part of that self-care focus.

With Uranus moving through this house for the foreseeable future you have already felt some of the changes that it will bring, but that doesn’t mean things will always move full speed ahead. Having pauses so that we can reflect on progress is important, too.

If quality time with a partner isn’t an option today, then it’s likely this will be the source of your reflection. Make sure though that today especially you treat yourself as you would want a romantic partner to do. This means that while reflecting on your relationships is important, it’s also essential that you care for yourself how you need a lover too.

Whether this means bubble baths or dinners out, come back to that space of giving yourself all the love that you desire so that you will only attract greater fulfillment, instead of only pieces to fill an emptiness. This is the basis for actually creating the relationship you desire along with all the changes that you are and will continue to move through.  

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