3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Week January 3, 2022

Tough times bring great outcomes.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Week January 3, 2022 WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock.com

And here we go, starting out our first new week of the year, and all I can tell you is that you need to forgive yourself right here and right now...and why?

Because you put too much pressure on yourself this week. We're all slow to the start. Keep that in mind. This week is not so much about hard times, but more along the lines of how we make expectations of ourselves that are nearly impossible to uphold.


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Bam! We enter with Moon in Aquarius, and that's some good stuff right there and is the main reason why this first week isn't a total disaster for some signs.

By mid-week, we'll be working with Moon sextile Uranus, which is where we start to get a little nutty and anxious, and by the week's end, we'll be dancing with the Half Moon trine Mars, which should reroute all of our anxieties by turning them into anger. Hooboy, what a week we have.

One thing to know, it's alright. Let us be brave warriors who march on. We've got a new year to conquer. Can I get a "hell yeah!"?


3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have a Rough Week January 3, 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

What you've got going on your side this week is your natural-born optimism; you'll see yourself through to the other side, no matter what the obstacles are that stand in your way, at present. There may be a chance that you've been less than perfectly healthy, and it may be taking a toll.

That's sort of 'par for the course' for year ends and new beginnings. It's like you're shaking off the awful bits of last year.

What makes this week rough is merely physical, and that is something you can deal with well, because you are a powerhouse Aries, and you'll rise above all your difficulties. Anticipate a break by the end of the week. Use that fire of yours to find the light in the darkness.


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(July 23 - August 22)

It's not so much that your week is going to be a rough one, but it's going to be more along the lines of experiencing a little regret with a dash of nostalgia. You are a sappy one, and you know it, Leo. 

It's what endears you to other people. You're just a big mushball deep down inside, even when you project that mighty image of strength and courage. You are all that, though you may not feel it during the week.

Let's call it a slow start. The transits pull at your psyche and you may feel helpless at moments. Do not worry, dear Leo, for you are as good as it gets.


What's a rough week to you but a chance to experience life in yet another way? It's not all good, but it certainly isn't all bad. Power to you, friend!

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(October 23 - November 21)

While your behavior this week may not be perceived as, erm, polite, you may feel like you're at the top of your game. What's really happening here is that it's not so much that you're going to have a hard week, it's that you're going to be making it hard for others, namely one 'other'.


The beginning of the year is like a jump start for your manic personality, and like Alice Cooper says in his song, "No More Mister Nice Guy" you too will be "feeling mean."

When Scorpio feels mean, we all get a piece of that pie. This might be the week where you forget to apologize to someone for hurting their feelings, thus setting up the next week for another kind of pie: the humble kind.

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