3 Zodiac Signs Whose New Year Brings Luck In Love Starting January 1, 2022

This is the year to not just fall in love-but to stay in love.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose New Year Brings Luck In Love Starting January 1, 2022 Elena Nichizhenova/Shutterstock.com

While each year holds new possibilities when it comes to love and romance, this year thanks to a shift in the Eclipse Axis and Jupiter entering Pisces it becomes a monumental year to step into our forever love.  

We are starting off 2022 with Venus the planet of love in retrograde which means that we’re all being invited to review our past decisions in love so that thanks to Cappy, the sign she’s moving through, we can create a stronger foundation in our relationships. 


Cappy also rules what and how we feel valued in our relationships.  

The more valued we feel the more invested and committed we become in our relationships. 

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But love can’t truly just be logical and thanks to Jupiter shifting into magical and romantic Pisces just a few days before the start of the New Year we are given an opportunity to believe in the kind of love that many of us have given up hope of finding.  

As we start the New Year with both the new Venus and Jupiter energy, we’re also leaving behind many of the chaotic transits of 2021 firmly in the past and beginning on a much different footing.  


On January 1st we experience a Sun Uranus trine which helps us start to implement those big life changes but without the usual drama and chaos associated with these kinds of shifts.  

For us, this is a gift but also a sign, that we can’t and shouldn’t put off those big changes thinking that there will be a time in the future when it will require less work but instead understand that we only have luck in love when we are willing to take a risk to create it.  

Because the greatest love will always be the one we never saw coming, but just because we didn’t plan for it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start.  

Zodiac Signs Whose New Year Brings Luck In Love Starting January 1, 2022:


(October 23 - November 21) 


You may have felt like you’ve been through the wringer in 2021 but that’s only because it was meant to prepare you for what is in store in 2022.

While you were wondering how long you needed to learn the same lesson for, you were actually building up your self-worth so firmly that as you begin to move through the early days of the new year you’ll see that you’re actually incapable of looking at things the way you used to. Or especially, being the person that you used to be.

With Jupiter in your fifth house of joy and love for most of 2022, it means that this year is about actually getting the reward for all the work that you’ve previously been doing. It may not mean or look how you thought it would but that doesn’t mean that it actually won’t end up being far better.

With the north node hanging out in your seventh house of committed relationships it means that this is the year you actually put all that previous self-work to good use.


While you may be challenged to finally be receiving everything that you’ve always wanted, even if it’s not from the person you wanted to receive it from, this year marks a change in your relationships in a big way.

This is all about happiness in love (no more crying endless tears), committed relationships, and truly seeing what the purpose was of everything that has happened before. Expect relationships to become more serious at the start of April once you’re able to see that the happiness you’re feeling is actually here to stay.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 


This year isn’t just about love or even dating but about serious committed relationships. This is because Jupiter will be hanging out in your seventh house for most of the year helping you to see expansion and luck in this area of your life. 

Jupiter will be moving through romantic Pisces during this time so it’s not just that you’ll be finding luck in love, but that it is going to be the lasting kind too. Don’t worry if it seems too good to be true, that’s part of the Pisces charm.

It often reveals to us a kind of love that we have always dreamed of but couldn’t actually conceive of being real. While you may be prone to trying to logically explain it, do yourself a favor and let go of how you’ve previously approached love so that you don’t miss all the unpredictable magic of it.

 This is the year to practice going with the flow more than you have before and to realize that while you may try to control other areas of your life, you can’t actually control love. It may not come at the perfect time or in the package that you had hoped it would, but it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t arrive precisely on time.  


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(November 22 - December 21) 

As a Sag you are often thought to be more wandering than committed, however, the lesson that’s often revealed is that you actually need both. That you don’t have to choose between being committed and having a partner that wants to help show you the world.

That maybe you don’t actually have to talk yourself into settling for less because it seems unattainable or too amazing. While your philosophical nature is something that makes you who you are, in terms of love it often comes across as overthinking which can taint even the most amazing love.


With Jupiter spending time in Aries this year and hitting your fifth house of pleasure and love you can expect to enter into a phase of your life where you actually have both commitment and adventure.

This is the ultimate drug for the Sagittarian and it's one that can last forever. With the ending of the Eclipse cycle on your axis in December, it means that the past is firmly behind you now, so long as you have the courage to leave it there.

Now as part of this new cycle you’re able to not just see that you never had to choose between the different parts of you but instead choose the love that fulfills all of them.

The minute you start to see and believe that it’s possible is the minute that you realize luck is on your side, and so is the universe, because your forever love can only reveal itself once you’re in the place to receive it.  


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