3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 12, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 12, 2021

As we move into our Aries Moon, we are given a similar vibe as yesterday before Mercury moves into Capricorn and we lose our chance to speak on what we want to come next.

It is a fairly active sky today with three different transits occurring which will all be bringing an intense energy to the day challenging us to work through our fears so that we don’t let this opportunity slip between our fingers.

When the Moon is in Aries, we tend to feel more passionate and driven to express our feelings alongside the desire to follow our hearts at all costs.

Aries is definitely a sign that tends to leap and look later but because of the other transits occurring today it’s not something that we should especially be worried about.

Whatever we feel called to pursue today is being fueled by the divine timing that is still a part of concluding the Sag/Gem eclipse portal.

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Today we will be feeling Sun square Neptune, Mercury sextile Jupiter and Venus Pluto conjunction as well.

All occurring under our Sag sun it creates an atmosphere of making choices and changes that are deeply rooted in the dreams that we have for ourselves and our future.

We will still likely be feeling the need for changes in our living environment or relationship thanks to Pluto and Venus but we’re still at the very beginning of what is to come so it’s important to remember that as we make the most of our energy today.

But one thing to be mindful of is that today is the last day of Mercury in Sag before it moves into Cappy for the remainder of the month.

Mercury rules our thoughts and communication and in Sag it means it’s time to talk about future plans, once we move into Cap it’ll be more about figuring out what we need to make them happen.

So today is the last chance this year to say the hard things, the scary things and make it known what you want the future to look like-after all that’s the only way to create it.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 12, 2021:


(March 21 - April 19)

It doesn’t hurt to have life shaken up a bit every once in a while. This is exactly what is going on right now for you. It’s easy to think that you’re happy and that life is great, until you stop for a minute and then realize there’s a difference between being happy versus avoiding our unhappiness. So today you will be asked to feel those feelings.

You will be asked to face what you’ve tried to ignore. It’s never easy to admit that things haven’t actually turned out how we thought they would but it’s also what sets us free to make changes. You may feel a stirring discomfort about your current life or even romantic status today.

Let yourself actually believe that things can be better than they are right now, that’s the influence of Neptune, and it’s here to help even if it all just feels like a far fetched dream. Take advantage of it and maybe you can’t make the drastic changes you want this second, but you can start working towards it.

If anything comes to you in the form of an opportunity today, especially if it feels like it’s too good to be true or too big, then make sure to say yes, or at least entertain the possibility of it because there’s a lot of divine energy around right now.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Take time to celebrate how far you’ve come today, but also really reflect on how you are expressing that to others. Today is the last day for eleven years in which you’ll see a sextile between Jupiter in your sign and Mercury in Sag. This means that this is one of the last chances for you to share your reflections of all the growth you’ve made so that you can take it and make it into plans for the future.

Mercury in Sag is all about allowing you to share your growth, your philosophy of life and how what you want for the future has changed because of all that. Yes, there’s always different aspects that can assist with that, but today for you offers a unique opportunity and one you shouldn’t let pass.

This will likely especially come into play with realizing you’ve healed from things in the past more deeply than you previously thought or that you may be ready for a new commitment even if that feeling is unexpected. Trust your feelings and what comes up for you around this time and don’t be afraid to change your mind completely, that’s where the best chapters often start.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Today is a changing moment in your life, not only are you going to be experiencing some big ah-ha moments at the hands of Venus and Pluto, but Mercury moves into your sign tomorrow which will help you be able to talk and express everything that you’re currently going through.

Venus and Pluto will be especially strong for you in your life so having Mercury alongside the duo will be a crucial part of how you process the life changes that you’re going through as well as the feelings that you have. For you this month how you identify yourself and what kind of life aligns for you is what’s on the table to change.

But this also means it’s pretty much anything and that’s exactly what will be coming up. The thing is that it’s really about transforming your life so that it aligns more closely with who you are and your truth.

You may be challenged by this today and the coming weeks but it’s because sometimes we need to sort through what isn’t true before we can settle on what is. Take today and the clarity that it brings and trust that when you’re meant to know more, you will.

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