3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During The Moon Square Mars Starting December 10, 2021

Irrational fears.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During The Moon Square Mars Starting December 10, 2021 Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiac signs whose ex returns during the Moon square Mars transit starting December 10, 2021 will have anger inspired inside of them — intolerance and emotionally aggressive expression, is here.

Some of our decisions will be made in the name of lust, while others for love. In truth, this transit is just the kind of event that makes us so overly intense that the only thing we will want is to run back home to seek the safety of our beds.


How that works in terms of an ex returning is exactly in the way you'd think: that ex is neurotic and scared to be alone, and so, during this transit, they find a way back to you.

We are prompted by irrational fears during Moon Square Mars, and we will seek out safe harbor, and sometimes that means we will find it in the people we belief to be safe - and you might be one of those 'safe' people to run to.

It may comes as a knock on the door, or a friend request on social media. It may shock you - or it may be expected, but one thing is for sure, if there's an ex in your life, there's a good chance that person will be returning to you, or at least trying to return to you, during Moon Square Mars, starting December 10, 2021.


Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During The Moon Square Mars Starting December 10, 2021:


(March 21 - April 19)

You may pull a fast one during Moon Square Mars, and it won't be kind, but it may be somewhat fulfilling.

This transit makes you feel sexy, attractive. You want to tease someone, not for any other reason than to get the affirmation that you're looking for, in other words, someone telling you how hot you look.

You'll prance a bit for the strangers on the street and put up a steamy photo of yourself somewhere on social media, but it will be your ex who will notice — just as planned!

This ex of yours can't help themselves when they see how good you now look, and this is inspire them to reach out.


They've never stopped loving you, and you have no intentions of bringing them back into your word 'for good', but for now, you like the attention. Very, very Aries of you.

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(April 20 - May 20)

So, an ex will be returning during Moon Square Mars, and there's probably nothing less surprising than that, to you.

They all come back, and sometimes it feels like a joke to you, and sometimes it's just an annoyance.

And once again, you'll be approached by that loser who stole your money and wrecked your possessions simply because they could.

Nice person. The only thing you have to concern yourself with here is getting rid of them in a fast and efficient way.


First, you're with someone else, and you might even be happy with this new person, even though it's hard to admit this kind of vulnerability.

Still, the last thing you want or need is for the jerk of the past to try and squeeze their way back into your presently happy life. They will try. Again. And you will reject them. Again.

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(November 22 - December 21)

One of the things you will notice during Moon Square Mars is that your ex suddenly seems to be less than enchanted with their present relationship and is now turning to you for fun and laughs.

Oh, it may just occur in texts, but you can tell there's something up.


It's as if you're the 'old standby' and this ex runs to you whenever they need comfort — the kind you can only get from someone who knows you so well that they're practically a family member.

This will amuse you, but could send you into a melancholic state if you think too long about how this person actually left you, in the past.

You've spent a lot of timing resenting this ex and you've learned to forgive them...hold your ground, because they will be drifting back into your life around Moon Square Mars.

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