70 Funny Venmo Captions For Friends, Food, Rent & More

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70 Funny Venmo Captions For Friends, Food, Rent & More

Venmo is a mobile payment service that allows you to request or send money to friends, family, or just about anyone with their own Venmo account.

It has become incredibly popular and is an easy way to transfer money instantly.

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Venmo payments require captions that tell whoever you're paying or requesting money from exactly what the transaction is for. Because these transactions are public, it's become commonplace for people to use funny and clever captions for Venmo.

If you need some ideas, here is a list of 70 funny Venmo captions you can use for your next transaction!

Funny Venmo Captions for Friends

1. We are bad people

2. Friend$hip dues

3. I don’t even remember anymore

4. Money to stay away from me

5. An unfortunate series of events

6. You fed me when I was drunk

7. For the wine beneath my wings

8. Shut up and take my money

9. Besties for the resties

10. Being nuts

11. Drugs (the CVS kind!)

12. Help me, I’m poor

13. My hoe and I

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Funny Venmo Captions for Food

14. I am hungry … Get me tasty food

15. Sorry I ate your food

16. Mozzarella sticks are just deep fried string cheese

17. Buy me dinner first

18. You have a pizza my heart

19. I don’t want to taco bout it

20. Because I spilled your coffee

21. Because I’m hungry

22. I think we’re UberEats main source of income

23. For ordering food for me because I didn’t feel like doing it myself

24. Take your tip

25. Oops … out of cash

26. That time I left a large group dinner without paying

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Funny Venmo Captions for Rent

27. Trouble the owner for rent

28. It’s that time of the month again … rent

29. Rent in peace

30. This month rent … did not forget

31. Last month's rent :)

32. I always pay rent on time

33. Pay for luxury

34. Pay roommate rent every month

35. Yes, I did the final settlement

36. Wait for this month’s budget issue

37. Take your rentvance

38. Cash loading …

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Funny Venmo Captions for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

39. Deposit for our castle

40. Try to be a nice girl

41. Kissing lessons

42. Try to be a nice guy

43. Fees for lurking in my car for Tinder dates

44. Put this transaction under private

45. Advice for relationships

46. No need to wait, take my money

47. Ready for the Tinder date

48. Love wine or something gets it

49. Gift for you

50. Paying for servant shoes

51. Here's money so you can be romantic and surprise me with a date later this week

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Funny Venmo Captions for Birthday

52. No need to wait, take my gift

53. After the party, here in the hotel lobby

54. Birthday fee

55. Birthday gift for you

56. Best time for the party

57. Enjoy fermented liquor at the bar

58. Last call!

59. Candy and bellyache

60. High drinks time

61. Super-lame birthday present

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The Best Funny Venmo Captions of All Time

62. I use your Netflix account without your permission

63. hey thanks for letting me borrow your hemorrhoid cream don’t worry I’ll put this transaction on private

64. Idk what to do with this and you won’t let me put it toward strippers so here grab yourself some chipotle and Trader Joes wine or something… love ya

65. For your French bread personal pizza I put in the oven last night then passed out

66. That one shoe that got eaten by that one dog

67. For popping the pimples on my back

68. Small weiner contest winner

69. Reward for being favorite daughter

70. For only streaming Taylor’s version

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