Newlyweds Post $240 Invoice To Couples Who Did Not Show Up To Their Wedding

Remember to RSVP next time!

Newlyweds Post $240 Bill For No-Show Wedding Guests Septimbur Petty / Facebook / Pintogame / Shutterstock

Can't go to a wedding because of COVID-19 fears, don't want to travel, or simply forgot to RSVP? You might have to pay a price for that. 

Chicago newlyweds Dedra and Doug Simmons seem to think after posting a $240 bill to no-show wedding guests.

The newlyweds have now sparked an online debate about their situation prompting both criticism and support for their decision to do so.

The newlyweds sent an invoice to no-show wedding guests.

The newlyweds recently got married at the Royalton Negril Resort and Spa in Jamaica, which was very costly as they had to pay for each seat beforehand. Even though they invited 109 people, they were short of eight people as only 101 of the invited guests showed up. 


Everyone had to RSVP to the event and unfortunately for the couple, those eight people never RSVP'd so, therefore, they didn't show up to the wedding. 

However, what made the newlyweds upset was that those who didn't RSVP didn't have the courtesy to tell the couple that they couldn't make it, instead of just ignoring and not RSVP'ing to the invite after several invites. 


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"If those eight people said, 'Doug, Dedra, we can't make it,' we would have totally understood it, would have been no problem," Doug Simmons told NBC Chicago.

When the newlyweds returned home, Doug got straight to work and created an invoice that included the cost of two seats at their wedding and posted it to social media. Doug told NBC Chicago, "We never had any intentions of sending it out... It hurts more to show it."

After posting, they acknowledge it was petty to do so as Doug told the NY Post, he got a “little petty — but I am not some trifling person who is going to bill somebody.”


The invoice, which the newlyweds titled, "No Call, No Show Guest," writes that  "Because you didn't call or give us proper notice that you wouldn't be in attendance, this amount is what you owe us for paying for your seats(s) in advance."

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The invoice received mixed reactions.

The newlyweds both own small businesses and ever since posting the invoice, they have received support and donations from all over the world, however, some weren't the kindest.  

Dedra said that some people commented on the invoice saying it was broke behavior and that they "Shouldn't have had a wedding they couldn't afford. Tacky, classless."


Even though some thought it was a classless act, Doug said that it was worth it to post the invoice as it was a "Teachable moment."

"We would have given them the benefit of the doubt had they reached out to us, but the fact that you didn't reach out." 

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