3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 7, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 7, 2021

Moving on becomes a conscious choice as we welcome the day with the Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

Under this energy, it will feel more like a decision to see beyond any doubt or fear that we may have recently been moving through so that we can be in space to enjoy more of the good within the present moment.

There will always be areas that we could work at better, always be improvements that could be made or even situations that we need resolution on but to let those aspects of life interfere with the joy that is present means that we’re not really making the most of the life that we have created.

There are many changes ahead, and while Scorpio Season is known for transformation it’s really only the beginning.

With Eclipse Season and Venus Retrograde ahead in the next few months there will be many aspects of our belief system and life that will be going through massive shifts.

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And while that is good because ultimately it means that our soul is evolving, it doesn’t mean that we should ever postpone joy for another time.

We are still within the energy of the Mercury-Venus sextile which will be encouraging us to find the positive and allow ourselves to relax and be in the moment instead of worrying about what’s to come.

While there are many changes and new opportunities ahead, it’s also okay to simply choose to no longer carry the weight that they may bring.

Ultimately, we have the choice to let go of the uncertainty, the anxiety around what’s to come and to simply allow ourselves to embrace the happiness that we have at this moment.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 7, 2021:

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

As a water sign, you usually tend to do well during Scorpio Season even if some of the changes past years have asked you to go through have been challenging or scary. But it also serves as an opportunity to go even deeper within yourself and the relationships in your life.

As a Pisces, it’s often easy to focus on what doesn’t feel good or to become preoccupied with the darkness or drama in life but you do need to be conscious of being able to come out of it so that you can enjoy more of life in the light.

When you look at your relationships from that constant space of darkness and intensity, sometimes you miss the beauty that exists within every day. The moments that exist when things are just simply good.

Every day doesn’t have to be an intensely passionate journey of self-exploration and heart-wrenching vulnerability, it can be peaceful to be able to receive the state of being and loving that comes from just being in the moment.

Today should allow you to do more of that and to have a greater perspective of the power of conscious choice. You don’t have to see things from the dark side in order for life to be exciting, you can also just enjoy the beauty of a simple life.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

As we struggle to achieve balance within our lives, we often have to go on a deep dive into what imbalances are present in our lives. This was the darkness that you’ve recently had to go through in your own life and being able to find a way to make peace with it so that you can feel hopeful and positive about the future.

As you move more deeply within this phase you will be challenging yourself in letting go of recent hurts, or even the toxicity that suddenly became too much for you. Forgiveness is hard but it seems the hardest person to forgive isn’t the other person for what they did to us but ourselves for allowing it to happen.

This is yours to heal though and today should offer some much-needed respite for you in being able to let go of those heavy pieces that have been weighing you down. After you recently did, you're shedding it seemed that you tried to move on too quickly.

Almost seemingly trying to act as if nothing was wrong and not really implementing the lessons that you recently learned into your new practices. Now is the time that all of that will meld together for you. Don’t be afraid to release the bad stuff, it’s not about forgetting but finally allowing yourself to move on.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

As another water sign, this can be a challenging month for you simply because you’re being asked to confront feelings that you’ve spent all year trying to avoid. But the reason you’ve been trying to avoid them is that they hold a truth that you’re not yet ready to see.

This happens. But it doesn’t mean that eventually you won’t be asked to go into it. It’s better to go into something with conscious steps than to land there out of avoidance.

While it may be uncomfortable for you to let these truths out there also is a great freedom within them because they allow you to let go of feeling like you need to hide parts of yourself from others or even from yourself.

Today is an opportunity to more fully step into your truth and release yourself from the belief that you don’t deserve to speak up on what your feelings are or what matters most to you.

This will allow you to focus more on the benefit of doing so rather than the risk. The reality of what you have to gain by speaking your truth versus what you may lose because if we ever lose anything it only meant that it was never ours, to begin with.

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