3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 31, 2021

Knowing we deserve better is the first step to receiving it.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 31, 2021 A l l i b u m/Shutterstock.com

Under the energy of the Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon, we will be reminded of exactly what it is we deserve both within our lives and within our relationships, which will be the catalyst for big decisions ahead.  

For three zodiac signs who will have a rough day on October 31, 2021, is the time of year when many of us are in a review period before we start the new year which can lead to us making different decisions in terms of our life path and relationships.  


While there is never a perfect time to do any of these tasks, it is an energy that is supported by the Eclipse Season which is starting on November 4th with the New Moon in Scorpio.  

This will be the last series of eclipses on the current Sagittarius axis which means that many karmic lessons and events in our life will be wrapping up.  

To prepare for that we’ve been going through an emotional time of examining everything that we have created up until this point in our lives, which also includes whether or not we’ve created something that we feel honored for that we deserve or not.  


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The energy of Scorpio and Virgo is very much that combination of emotional depth with also that healing energy that we need in order to start making different decisions in our lives.  

Adding to this is the Mercury Jupiter trine which will be asking us to reflect on what choices we do feel like we need to make and encourage us to speak up to those that are involved with the changes that we feel need to take place.  

As much as there’s always auspicious energy surrounding Samhain, there is also that impending sense that we know we deserve better.  

It's just a matter of how we’re going to go about getting it.  


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 31, 2021:

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) 

As one of the most loving zodiac signs, it can be hard to speak up for what it is you need and want in your life, especially in your close relationships. It’s not because you’re a martyr but instead because you tend to naturally put the needs of others ahead of yours.

Today though, there will be that rising awareness that you matter too. What you need from those in your life is essential to your growth forward and sometimes the decisions that we put off making are also those that we need to make the most. 

Take time to really think about where in your life you’ve been sacrificing or keeping quiet for the sake of others instead of speaking your truth for yourself. It’s not going to be an easy conversation, but the most important ones never are.

What does matter though is being able to radiate the same energy that you want to receive which will raise your vibration so that you can start being more able to accept that sometimes just because we want someone to treat us in the way that we deserve doesn’t mean that they are capable of it?  


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Libra (September 23 - October 22) 

Right now, the most important thing for you to do is remain focused on what it is you know that you deserve from those around you.

With so many changes that you’ve already made taking affect in your life, it’s hard to feel like it’s settled enough for you to be able to see the results of those actions.

Sometimes during this phase of growth, we go back to what hurt us because at least it’s comfortable, but in this situation deep down you know that it’s not an option.

It doesn’t mean that it makes things easier, in some ways today it will feel harder because we can still wish for something to be good for us even if it isn’t.


Make sure you plan time with friends, especially those that do show up for you in all the ways that you need so you can validate that you are worthy of receiving that.

During this time, it’s essential to be able to surrender and trust the process of life.

You may not have all the answers at this moment, you may not be able to see how things truly will play out, but you can keep going holding the space for what will be.  

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20) 

Just because you feel like you’ve changed doesn’t mean the other person has. This is an important reminder as you head into the energy of today because it feels like you’re going to have to make an important decision that will have to be based on logic rather than on the heart. 


You’ve been going through an incredible period of growth and healing for yourself in which many of the ways that you’ve been coping and even living have been challenged so that you can learn how to be more yourself.

You feel like you’ve changed as you’ve grown and that you no longer are the person that you used to be.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is capable of growth like that. Be aware of the person that comes into your life whether friend or lover and says all the right things but whose actions are saying otherwise.


Just because we want someone to finally see the light, doesn’t mean that they have. But this is another lesson for you to see that sometimes no matter how many times we try if something isn’t meant to be, it won’t ever work out.  

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