3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During Venus Square Neptune Starting October 27, 2021

"I think, therefore I am." - Rene Descartes

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During Venus Square Neptune Starting October 27, 2021 Lapping Pictures/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiac signs whose worst fears come true during Venus square Neptune starting October 27, 2021 will eventually see their worries were manifestations that they have created.

When Descartes wrote this, he was making an observation on the idea of existence. If one can 'think', it means one is alive.

An updated take on this quote might also imply that what we think about...is what we become.

The Law of Attraction suggests that if we think of peace, we become peaceful, which also implies that if we feel fear - we live in fear.


In the same way that we would think of the phrase, 'we are what we eat', we might also say 'we are what we think.'

How many times have you wanted to approach someone you like, but your fear got in the way? And the end result of that fearful retreat?

Nothing happened, you never got to do what you wanted to do.

This is something that will be highlighted and put in the forefront of your thinking, when we experience Venus Square Neptune starting October 27, 2021.

The planet Neptune in the zodiac sign of Pisces takes what's already in our mind and magnifies it, and if there's the slightest show of fear - it manifests tenfold.


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Venus, our planet of love and beauty interacts with Neptune in Square, and this means our fear of love, of attempting to find love, of being rejected by love - all these things will be made very real during this transit.

When you hear the term, 'positive energy' - it's no joke. Fear cancels out love - remember that.


Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During Venus Square Neptune Starting October 27, 2021:

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

When your life is all business and accomplishment, you spend very little time being concerned about your love life, and in a way, this lack of concern has become your crutch.

You have gone from thinking 'it's all going to be OK' to 'I don't really care if it's OK or not' and that's where things have started to get shaky for you.

Venus Square Neptune is going to jolt your memory; you once wanted love - you once wanted to have what you believe everyone else has, instead of this nonstop successful business life, and now you are starting to feel like you've missed out.

But who was it that kept you out of the game, Capricorn? It was you. You nurtured a fear and now it's become a monster, and that fear revolved around being rejected.


You're never rejected in business, but in love - in partnership - phew, that's scary territory, and this transit is going to have you contemplating how you've underestimated yourself in love.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You fear love and so you stay away from it. Venus Square Neptune is going to stimulate that nagging, repressed thought, and bring it into the light.

Venus wants you to have love, but you keep on putting things in the way of that path. Why, Aquarius? What is it that you are afraid of? Is it rejection? Responsibility?

Is it the fear that you might not be able to keep up your end of the bargain, if indeed you have the courage to make one.


Neptune can be tricky, and when Square with Venus, it can take an Aquarius and send them straight into overthinking and intense self-analysis.

This transit could go either way for you; you might accept that you need to open up a bit - or, you might slink back into the tar pits where you feel it's safest.

Yet - 'safe' is not your game, so this transit is definitely going to bring confusion and the need to get out of it.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

The one thing you really fear in love is that it won't last, and that's exactly what you are starting to create with your actions.


As of October 27, this fear may take a turn for neurosis; you may accuse your partner of cheating - when they are not.

You might start fights for no reason at all, just because you want to push the envelope to the point where your partner is literally challenged to leave you.

Everything you don't want is exactly what you are starting to cause because of your worry. This is all in your mind, Pisces.


You are making your fear drive people away, and it's all because you predict disaster, rather than envision success.

Don't let this transit drive you over the edge - all is well in your world, you just have to give yourself a break from the overt negative thinking.

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