3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Easy Love During The Moon Trine Uranus Starting October 4, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Easy Love During The Moon Trine Uranus Starting October 4, 2021

It's nearing the end of the year. 2021 has been eye-opening to say the last, and for the three zodiac signs who want easy love starting October 4, 2021, it's a no drama zone in love.

We've all gone through our version of adapting to the times and in all honesty, many of us are just plain tired.

We are not up for hassles, nor are we down for much more than what comes easily - and that includes love and romance.

Every single rule has been changed in the world of love - and dating, especially.

People don't want to have to be so protective and hidden behind their masks, and yet, that's what we have now - the new life, and in this new pandemic-affected life, we are dealing with the consequences.

Life has become hard, and that's a huge bummer for many of us.

It's really angering the Fire signs, because they want so much for themselves and cannot get what they want.

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With Moon Trine Uranus, those Fire signs will come clean, and their statement will be as such: "I only want things to be easy. I don't want to fight for love. I don't want to risk my life for love - I just want love without hassles or hurt feelings."

Ah, if life could only be this easy. Uranus has the power to make us want to rebel...until, of course, we all realize that we're just too beaten down to get any real rebellion going on.

Which signs want easy love during Moon Trine Uranus?

Zodiac Signs Who Want Easy Love During The Moon Trine Uranus Starting October 4, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Your feeling is already established; you want things to go smoothly from now on, and you really don't care what category that falls beneath.

With Uranus in the sky influencing your every move, you have to come to the conclusion that if you have to work too hard to get something, it's bound to bore you silly, and being that you know yourself very well, you also know that you'll give up before achieving your goal.

It's not that you're an underachiever, on the contrary - you are a true go-getter, but you are also tired of trying so hard to get so little.

You want your love life to go smoothly. No more drama and no more high emotion for you.

Moon Trine Uranus plays with your head, Aries, and makes you think nothing is worth the effort anymore.

And the truth is, you're weary of trying, especially when it comes to your love life. If it happens, so be it - if not, ah well. Their loss, eh?

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Sometimes you feel as though the only reason you're in the love game is because everyone around you expects certain things of you, and somehow, you've ended up living your life for other folks. You may be in a lackluster relationship - but do you even care?

Chances are, no, you no longer care and that is because it's just too darned hard to make everyone happy all the time.

That's what it feels like to you, and that attitude is what's going to have the spotlight shine down upon in, thanks to Moon Trine Uranus.

So, while you still are in the game, and you still DO want love, you're just a little too interested in it being easy, rather than a chore.

If you have to work at your relationship - at this point in time - then you lose your interest, because if the love doesn't come to you in an easy and accessible way, then why on earth would you bother?

That is your feeling during this transit. Enough is enough. Make it easy or make it go away.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Gone are the days when you feel the need to be the Great Warrior of Love...that romance left town after you realized that real life is never as good as fantasy - especially a Sagittarius fantasy, which is always supernatural and awesome.

You are one hundred percent there for love, but it's got to be easy, and it has to come with zero drama, which also means little to no responsibility.

That's what's coming up for you during Moon Trine Uranus; it's this feeling of wanting to run far away from any kind of responsibility, especially the kind that attaches you to a person - a romantic partner, for instance.

If someone is ready, willing and able to be easy going - then you'd be open to that, but if all they can bring with them is their complaints, their moaning and their dissatisfaction, then you might consider yourself out the door.

It has to be easy in love, or Sagittarius is not showing up. You're on the verge of apathy, in love, but in truth - it doesn't really matter to you now.

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