3 Zodiac Signs Who Ignore Red Flags In Their Relationships During Moon Trine Neptune Starting September 30, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Ignore Red Flags In Relationships Starting September 30, 2021

Let's face it: we all ignore the red flags in our relationships, and that is mainly because once we've found someone to hold on to, we rarely want to give that up - no matter what those red flags tell us.

In other words, we'd rather - at times - suffer, than have to admit that we might have made a mistake in choosing the person we came to love and share a life with.

Starting September 30, 2021, there are three zodiac signs who ignore red flags in their relationships, and they may get that chance to once again see clearly the signs that reveal more than we bargained for.

During Moon Trine Neptune, many of us - most especially Cancer, Libra, and Pisces, will come to terms with a few very serious red flags. Will we listen to them - will we heed those warnings, or will we plead ignorance, once again?

What actually IS a red flag? Well, it's an accidental reveal of a negative nature. Say, for instance, your partner starts to beat the wall in when he or she is mad...that's a red flag that says this person is unstable and perhaps violent.

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Red flags are there to be seen and listened to. A red flag is a sign that something is dangerously wrong. If we ignore those signs, we may find that there is no way out. If you notice a red flag in your relationship - LISTEN TO IT and weigh it for its real worth.

Which signs will ignore red flags in their relationships, during Moon Trine Neptune?

Zodiac Signs Who Ignore Red Flags In Their Relationships During Moon Trine Neptune Starting September 30, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You are just not in the mood to face facts, and you've worked so very hard to get to this point with the person you are involved in. You simply cannot believe that there's anything wrong or dubious about the person you're with, and yet - what the heck was that 'thing' they did the other night?

You're trying to grapple with their weird behavior, and you don't think you can - they pulled a fast one on you the other day, and now your head is spinning. But, surely, they couldn't be serious - after all, their behavior, if taken seriously, might mean they're not the person you thought they were.

The numbing affect of Moon Trine Neptune is exactly what's going to wash over you and help you to ignore the red flag that is telling you that something is very wrong with the person you are in a relationship with. You may need to do something about it - but will you? There's a good chance you won't do a thing.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

There is one huge red flag in your relationship at this point, and it's the fact that you don't want to spend eternity with this person, in fact, you're not sure you can make it through the week. The red flag, in this case, is your own sure feeling; you know now that you made a mistake.

How to get out of it? Ah, therein lies the rub. What you are going to do, Libra is allowing it to go on, as is, with no complaint or confrontation. You would rather live with your mistake than try to fix it, and that's almost a clear indication of a masochistic personality.

Do you really want this...trouble...in your life, Libra? Because this isn't getting any better. You are taking this to the place where you cannot back out - ask yourself why?

Why are you going further along with this person who you don't even know if you like, let alone love? Your red flag is YOU, Libra - you are in the way of being happy, and you're not about to change. Why is that? It's not going to get better by ignoring it, so pay attention to the red flags in your relationship and let yourself breathe freely.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

The dreamy affect of Moon Trine Neptune allows you to pretend to yourself that everything in life is okey-dokey...and that does include your love life. You have committed to ignoring the warnings signs, and those signs are becoming abundant and...creepy.

There is something your partner does that does not read to you as healthy - and you want it gone, but not enough to actually say something about it. You'd rather feign ignorance - in fact, you have chosen blindness oversight because those red flags are flying high and are very visible.

But no - you're in Neptune's dregs now, and even though you feel like you're drowning, you have a way of telling yourself that you're still afloat and that all is perfectly fine. It's not, you know it, and you refuse to admit to it.

Will that go well for you, Pisces? What do you think? Wake up, this dream is a nightmare, and you need to pay attention to those red flags because they're only becoming more and more obvious.

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