3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Reconcile With An Ex During Venus Trine Neptune Starting September 29, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Reconcile With An Ex Starting September 29, 2021

When Venus Trine Neptune, we all become a bit smitten with the idea of love...so much so that we may begin to dream about it.

Our dreams become wild fantasies that we start to think can come true. And sometimes this kind of thinking can manifest as reality, though that doesn't always guarantee a happy ending to the dream.

With Venus ruling over Taurus and Libra, and Neptune ruling Pisces, we will see how this 'dream' can toss these signs around, making them desirous, even teased by the idea of creating that 'perfect' love - maybe even finding it in someone they once loved and had a connection to.

Because of these two planets, these three signs will be searching for meaning in love, and they may find it in the past - but is this something that can go on, can a reunion of sorts happen, or rather, can a reconciliation occur that has positive and lasting benefits?

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That remains to be seen, although we know this - the dreamlike state that Neptune brings for some, allows them to think they are on the brink of jump-starting a relationship that may have long ago been extinguished.

It's a tricky mental season and it may play with our hearts. It's a good thing we are strong enough to handle just about anything.

Which signs will reconcile with an ex during Venus Trine Neptune?

Zodiac Signs Who Will Reconcile With An Ex During Venus Trine Neptune Starting September 29, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

With Venus as your ruling planet, you tend to flow very easily with the energetic flow of both Love and Beauty - you always want more, and you're always just a little bit curious as to what your exes are up to - even when you are coupled with someone else.

Your curiosity will be met on the 29th of September, as you will either reach out to someone you once loved, or they will reach out to you - will it be for romantic reasons? Isn't it always, Taurus?

What's cool about you is that you have no intention of introducing them BACK into your romantic life, however, you do that thing that human beings like to do now and then: you like to see if 'the other person' is still thinking about you.

You will find out by Wednesday, that is for sure. Yes, there will be a reconciliation, and you will reconnect to an old love - but you will know in your heart that there is nothing more to learn from that person of the past.

The good part? No heartbreak will occur on either of your parts. Sometimes, it just takes a very long time to heal from a past breakup; sometimes people just need one final 'look' to be able to say a heartfelt 'good-bye.' Good luck, T.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Where Venus goes, so do you follow, and when Venus Trine Neptune, you will be upfront and center for its influential affect. In terms of reconciliation with an ex, similar to Taurus, you, too, will be contacted by someone you once loved.

You have probably had this person on your mind for quite some time, and yet, when they reach out to you, it will come as a surprise, which may put you on the defense.

This person anticipates your defense and aims to please; they have no reason to reach out other than to say a few important and choice words to you, then take their leave.

This isn't a grand reunion, merely a reconciliation that allows you to know who they really are, really were, and how you can move forward without them, now - today.

Perhaps this is the 'last meeting' you needed in order to get a grip on the reality of the situation, because you might have harbored hope for a reunion at one point, and then left it at that - hanging in the air like an unfinished thought.

You will be hearing from this ex, it will solidify your present feelings about them, and then - they will be on their way. No harm done.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

It's never been easy for you to escape the dream state of your ruling planet, Neptune when it's in the sky and demanding of action. And now, on the 29th of September, Neptune will Trine with Venus and that means that emotionally, you will have your head in the clouds and your mind on the 'one that got away.'

You still pine for your ex, no matter how much time goes on; it's as if you've romanticized this person into being an actual good person, rather than the creep you needed to get far away from.

What does this person have over you that you keep on mentally calling them over? Because your mental shout-outs are now starting to work, meaning you ARE calling them over to you - they feel you 'out there, in the air' just like the influence of a planet. You are that strong - but, is your strength really working for you in this matter?

Do not be surprised when you hear from this person. Overjoyed is not what you will be feeling, even though you imagined yourself jumping for joy if they ever reached out to you again.

They will - and there might even be a physical meeting involved; watch yourself. The last thing you want back in your life, Pisces, is this person on a permanent level. Reconciliation? Yes. Relationship renewal? Aw, hell no. Keep that in mind.

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