3 Zodiac Signs Who Find True Love During The Moon Trine Venus Starting September 19, 2021

Tug at your heartstrings.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Find True Love During The Moon Trine Venus Starting September 19, 2021 Paitoon Pornsuksomboon/Shutterstock.com

There are three zodiac signs who will find true love during the Moon trine Pisces, and starting September 19, 2021, the romance starts around 9:29 a.m. EST. 

Venus in Scorpio trine the Moon in Pisces is a watery astrological transit that many will be welcome with open arms, and an even bigger heart.

Venus in the eighth solar house trine the Moon is a time where many zodiac signs will feel as though they have a safe space to rest their head, surrounded by a company that makes them feel warm inside.


Starting Sunday, the week begins where many in the collective will feel nurtured by those around them.

Which three zodiac signs will find true love during the Moon trine Venus starting September 19, 2021?

Cancer, Libra, and Sagittarius may find themselves in a place where they can support the friends, family, and partners that they care so deeply for.

This is a time to feel reassured in your connections and the people who tug at your heartstrings.

There will be a ceasefire, especially for couples who feel as though they are fighting a losing battle. The lines of communication will be open, so they can articulate their true feelings and find peaceful resolve.


For many artists, they will be rediscovering their muse, finding their creations flowing from their heart, and drawing inspiration from the magical moments they find.

They may be moved by the subtle beauty they are rediscovering in a world that has been cold to them. For others, they may be reminded of the small joys that make life worth the fight.

Beauty surrounds you starting Sunday, September 19.

Spirits are being lifted and ideas are being supported. This is a time of emotional abundance, to revel in the energy surrounding you. However, for these three signs in the zodiac, they have a great chance of finding true love during the Moon trine Venus in Scorpio.


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Zodiac signs who find true love during the Moon Trine Venus on September 19, 2021

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, people may not realize that it truly takes someone special and rare to charm you. You may swoon over a warm smile, but it takes someone evolved to lift you off your feet. You hold out for the right person, for the one.

This may very well be the time you find your true love starting this week beginning on Sunday.

While others may not understand why you reserve your lush emotions and infatuations for someone particular, you are seeing yourself rewarded during this time for doing so. For you, this person will feel as though they have been the missing piece your soul has scoured the world in search of.


The love you may uncover during this time offers reassurance. In the past, you have learned through your mistakes by giving your heart away to a person with uncertain intentions. Now, you are finding the safety that truly helps your affections blossom.

This is a person who has similar values to you, who blends in with your current life while daring you to try the things you may have been afraid to do before. The person you are finding during this event will feel like the home you have ever wondered you would find.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, these days you are charming, with the ability to enchant the person of your biggest affection. You will be feeling your emotions to a degree you were sure before was only capable for characters in story books or movies.

This Sunday when the Moon trines Venus it provides you with the opportunity to attract the person your heart has been longing for.


However, during this time the ability to decipher through your feelings will be impeccable. You will know for certain upon first meeting someone if they are a person you wish to never see again or someone you know you will pine for.

You will be falling in line with people, being able to empathize on a level that makes them feel seen. In turn, you may feel as though people are seeing you for the very first time, as though you are born again and worthy of all the love in this world.

Often you find yourself feeling indecisive about the decisions you must make. However, during this time, you will be certain how you feel and who is calling to your heart. Will you follow the call of your lover into the night? Will you open your heart to the love that beckons for you?

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, you don’t fear change. You view the shifting paths as new opportunities rather than dead ends. In this, you may feel lonely, as though there isn’t another person who can weather the chaotic storms that arise on your adventures.


As paths open up ahead of you, so do the opportunities to love, unlike any affection you have felt for someone else before.

In this Moon trine Venus in Scorpio transit, you are finding your ideal partner, not just a person you settle for in comfort.

This is a person you can truly envision your future with, even as it shifts and curves to the impulsive and sudden change in tides.


This is someone who can be as unpredictably wild as you, matching your energy while keeping you anchored to the ground to not fall overboard. This person will be a compliment to your chaotic nature as well as a voice of reason you may need when the world begins to feel lonely.

You are not always appreciated without some form of doubt to follow, be it someone doubting you or creating doubt within you. However, there is a love that burns as bright as you, who views the world with curious wide eyes. You don’t have to explore the universe alone.

Tea Jones is a tarotist, psychic, and certified Level III Reiki Master Practitioner who writes about spirituality, witchcraft, tarot, and divination.